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Which Aviation Career Interests You Most? - Survey Report

Monday , Posted by AME at 10:45 AM

Aviation Career Survey Analysis
Aviation industry related, AME blog has started taking opinion on various aspects. The first survey has received good response! On the first 100 responses, the data has been calculated.

Which Aviation Career Interests You Most?
  1. Astronaut
  2. Aircraft Designer
  3. Mechanic/Technician/Engineer
  4. Fighter Pilot
  5. Air Traffic Control
  6. Airline Pilot
Aviation Career survey data shows most of the students are more interested into careers of
A/C Engineering Maintenance/Technician/Aircraft Designer/Air Traffic Control rather glamorous aviation careers like commercial pilot or astronaut.

A/C survey results:

Mechanic/Technician/Engineer - 82.0%
Aircraft Designer - 13.0%

This survey is currently closed. If you any thoughts comments are welcome :-)

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  1. tim proy says:

    Well the survey said mechanical/Technician/Engineer has highest voted option for making career in it. Well I would to make career as fighter pilot.
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