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KingFisher Airlines Jobs: Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant

Sunday , Posted by AME at 12:28 PM

Aviation Jobs in World-class KingFisher Airlines
Cabin crew / Flight Attendant (Job Code - FA)
Region     -     India
Location     -     North-
Category     -     In-flight

Job Details
Location: Chennai / Bangalore / Delhi / Mumbai / Hyderabad / Kolkata
Job Code: FA
 Inviting “Flying Models” who exude charm, vibrance & professionalism. Females with a zest to serve and prime concern for the safety of our Guests on board. Candidates must possess outgoing personality and the ability to work in a team environment. Application must be accompanied with a passport size & full length photograph

Key Job Requirements:
•     Female candidates (Age between 18-27 years)
•     Minimum educational qualification: HSC.
•     Minimum height 158 cms (5'3") / Maximum height 178 cms (5'10").
•     Weight - As per airline standards.
•     Fluent in English and Hindi.
•     Medically fit to meet airline crew requirements.

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