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Helicopter Maintenance Engineering Jobs - Aerotek Canada

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
Address     Southport, MB R0H, Canada
Job Type     Fulltime

Aerotek is currently looking for AME's with the following qualifications:

- M1 or M2 License required.
- Experience with Bell 212, 206, or 412 Helicopters an asset.
- Must have at least 2 years helicopter maintenance and be within the past 5 years.
- Must be able to pass background security check.

Pay ranges are based on the client and experience.

To apply, please submit your resume by email or fax resume to (780) 391-1040.

While all interested candidates are encouraged to apply, only those who meet the minimum qualifications will be contacted for an interview.

Today is American ThanksGiving Day - Black Friday Shopping Tips

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The Ultimate Tips To Make Shopping During The Black Friday

Today is American thanksgiving so I wanted to take a moment to
share with you some of the most important realizations in my life regarding
this idea of being thankful...

In our quest for "more" we often forget how great and precious what
we already have is. And what's the point of getting more if you can't get
enjoyment out of what you have? That's a pretty strong demotivator if you
ask me...

We often spend so much time in the unhealthy zone of envy or lack.
What we don't have and would like to have. What other's have that we don't...
And we often tend to measure ourselves so cruelly:

When we set goals, we look to the ideal we want to reach. And all too often,
we make the terrible mistake of judging our accomplishments thus far
against that ideal.

Not only can we never win in that scenario, but we are doomed to
come up short 100% of the time. Not much of a life...

The trick is to measure backwards. Look where you came from and
where you are now, that will always paint a more realistic and pleasant

What if you want to increase your happiness and gratitude, starting
right now?

It's easy!
     So, is black Friday really the best time to buy?

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It have become a the day where companies make big money. Retailers like Best Buy sell a lot.

I know a lot of people  enjoy holiday shopping due the discount and coupons that can be found during this period. Frankly, I’m not fond as people spend their money during the holiday shopping season. Anyway, despite I’m not a holiday shopper, it doesn’t means you don’t like buy on Black Friday.

So, if you’re going to shop today, I want to share some useful tips that will help you make your holiday shopping less stressful, easier, and more successful.
Best Tips To Shop On Black Friday

1. Make a plan - Without a plan, Black Friday becomes a hectic day. I’ll suggest to don’t go to shop without a list in hand. This is the best way to have all your offers in the same place, and make you take a decision quickly.

2. Shop from home – Today, many of discount offered by retailers on Black Friday are available online. Sites like,, and are the perfect place to find which stores have the best deal to your needs. also provides blackfriday offers.

3. Get Social – Being most retailers have a Facebook(this is the page of Best Buy and Twitter account, I’ll suggest to join to their network. Often they provide coupons and discounts on some products and you could get some interesting deals.

4. Know when retailers are opening – Know the store hours is become important when it comes to grab the best deals. If you wait until the last minute and your order happens to arrive damaged, you don’t have time to send it back and replace it with something else.

5. Use credit card – Often buy with Credit Cards can give you more benefit then buy without it. Credit card that gets rewards let you rack up the point while you shop. Lowcards ranked the best retail rewards credit cards on the market.

    Capital One Spark Cash
    Capital One Spark Miles
    New Ink Cash Business from Chase
    Ink Classic Business from Chase
    The Plum Card from American Express
    CitiBusiness World MasterCard

So, let me know if will you be shopping on Black Friday. If so, will in the stores early or online only?

Entrepreneurs of Aviation

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Entrepreneurs and Aviation
The event, which by many is considered “the Oscars of Aviation” is all about recognizing and honoring individuals with great and significant contributions to the field of aviation.

Rather than just being a “star studded” event, many Hollywood and Aviation celebrities are passionate about aviation and attend this gathering to help pushing the message of keeping the dream of flight alive and to make it real to people that aviation is not just something for a few select individuals but plays an important role in today’s society. 

The current 70 people who are now part of the Living Legends of Aviation are people of remarkable accomplishments, in aviation. Members include entrepreneurs, innovators, industry leaders, record breakers, astronauts, pilots who are now celebrities and celebrities who have become pilots.

John Travolta - Photo Credit: Bob Charlotte / PR Photos

John Travolta, the Ambassador of Aviation is himself a Legend of Aviation and started flying at the age of 17. He presented the newest Inductee Mr M Laurent Beaudion, the CEO of Bombardier with his award. His accomplishments to bring aviation forward are nothing short of remarkable.

Sean Tucker, the award emcee, always has an enthusiasm for aviation that is contagious to anyone he gets in contact with. From a reliable source, and from what I have seen with my own eyes, he is probably the greatest aerobatics pilots currently flying at air shows – a true professional in his field.

Actors and Pilots Harrison Ford and Kurt Russell gave out several recognitions at the event. Harrison Ford has done a remarkable job to introduce people and our youth to flying and is a great proponent and spokesman for aviation.  Awards included the “Aviation Legacy Award” given to Pat Epps, Atlanta, Georgia. Captain “Sully” Sullenberger awarded Captain James Lovell, Apollo 13 Commander, the “Captain Cool Award”.
Lynn Tilton

Delford M. Smith who founded Evergreen International Airlines was given the “Lifetime Aviation Entrepreneur of the Year Award” Clay Jones, the “Aviation Industry Leader of the Year” and Lynn Tilton, the first woman to achieve the “Aviation Entrepreneur of the Year” award. Frank Robinson, founder of Robinson Helicopters, was acknowledged for his role in creating what ended up becoming the most popular helicopter in the world.

Bob Hoover, a true Legend of Aviation in his own right presented the Freedom of Flight Award to his fellow aviator and congressman and national hero, Sam Johnson.

After the event many celebrities gathered on the 8th floor of the hotel, mingled with guests and and shared stories about aviation with those who attended.

Harrison Ford with Captain Sully and other guests

Harrison Ford with Nick Rahkonen, President Friends of Aviation

Jet Engine Technician Jobs in Canada - ORENDA Aerospace

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Jet Engine Technician
Employer Name:     ORENDA Aerospace Corporation
Wage/Salary Info:     to be negotiated
Location:  MOOSE JAW  Positions:     1
Employment Terms:     Full Time
Length of Employment:     Permanent
How to Apply:  Send resume by fax or email

Provide 2nd Line J85-CAN-40 engine maintenance and test cell support to CF 431 Squadron, CFB Moose Jaw, SK.
Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication. Ability to interpret maintenance publication, drawings and technical data, work with minimal supervision, set priorities, multi-task, work independently and as a team member. Knowledge of engine test cell procedures and inspection procedures.
Major Responsibilities: Carry out assigned J85-CAN-40  engine inspections, engine build-up/tear down, test cell engine runs, functional test, participate in Mobile Repair as required, prepare technical documents, provide weekly engine status updates, assist in the annual test cell calibrations, travel 1-2 times per calendar year.
Knowlege/Background: College diploma-Aircraft Miantenance or equivalent, Minimum 1-3 years experience maintenance preferably J85-CAN-40 jet engine, Working knowledge of DND protocol on military bases in Canada. Must be able to gain high-level security clearance.
Remarks: Only those candidates selected for an interview shall be contacted.
Overview of the company: Over the past 10 years, Orenda has supplied more than 200,000 individual components to OEMs as well as civil, military and industrial end-users. Orenda, today, is ready to share in the design and production of new gas turbine engines-in fact, we specialize in static and dynamic components; fan sections or hot sections; power plant assembly and complete overhaul and testing.

Application Information
Employer Name: ORENDA Aerospace Corporation

Employer Address:
Contact Fax:
Contact Email:

Watch live Airplane traffic from different parts around the World !

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Introduction to Flightradar24

How Flightradar24 works?
Flightradar24 shows live airplane traffic from different parts around the world. The technique to receive flight information from aircraft is called ADS-B. That means the Flightradar24 can only show information about aircraft equipped with an ADS-B transponder. Today about 60% (about 30% in USA and about 70% in Europe) of the passenger aircraft and only a small amount of military and private aircraft have an ADS-B transponder.
Which aircraft are visible on Flightradar24?

Common aircraft models that are visible on Flightradar24 (have an ADS-B transponder):
    All Airbus models (A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A380)
    BAe ATP BAe Avro RJ70 BAe Avro RJ85 BAe Avro RJ10  Boeing 737  Boeing 747
    Boeing 757 Boeing 767 Boeing 777 Boeing 787
    Most new deliveries of Embraer E190
    Fokker 70 Fokker 100
    Gulfstream V Gulfstream G500/G550
    McDonnell Douglas MD-10 McDonnell Douglas MD-11
    Sukhoi SuperJet 100
    Some newer Ilyushin and Tupolev for example Il-96 and TU-204

Common aircraft models that are NOT visible on Flightradar24 (no ADS-B transponder):
    ATR-42  ATR-72
    Boeing 707  Boeing 717 Boeing 727 Boeing 737-200 Boeing 747-10  Boeing 747-200 Boeing 747SP
    All CASA models
    All Bombardier Dash models All Bombardier CRJ models
    Dornier 328
    All Embraer models (except most new deliveries of Embraer E190)
    Jetstream 32
    Fokker 50
    McDonnell Douglas DC-9 McDonnell Douglas MD-8  McDonnell Douglas MD-9x
    Saab 340 Saab 2000
    "Air Force One"
    Most older aircraft
    Most military aircraft

Of course there are lots of exceptions.
For example one Lufthansa CRJ900, one LOT ATR-72, one Wideroe Dash, some MD8X from Onur Air, some Saab 340 in Australia and several private Cessnas are visible.
There are also some older A300, A310, A320, B737, B747, B757, B767 aircraft without the ADS-B transponder, and that makes thoose aircraft invisible on Flightradar24.

Click on an aircraft symbol to get airline and flight data about that aircraft.
The blue crosses show the location of major airports. You can zoom in to see a closeup of the airport. Note that the satellite view of the Earth is NOT a real time images, but comes from the Google database.
You can zoom out and drag the map to find other locations of interest.

Worlds Most Beautiful Airports

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Beautiful Airports

Everyone has experienced it, and no one enjoys it: the airport delay. Missed connections, weather cancellations, and equipment problems make travel a less-than-glamorous experience. But there are some airports where you might decide that a longer-than-expected layover is not such a bad thing. Take, for instance, the Marrakech Menara Airport, where mosaic-tiled ceilings and gleaming glass ornaments evoke Moroccan royalty. In recent years, some of the biggest names in architecture have proven that airport design can be both practical and innovative — and improving passengers' travel experience.
Regine Weston, an expert in airport planning and systems, says a city’s airport is important on multiple levels. "The most obvious is that they are a gateway to your community, the first impression a visitor arriving by air has,” she says.

That's why a growing number of cities are spending heavily on revamping their terminals and tower structures to demonstrate their affluence and technological mastery beyond transportation.

"[People] fall in love with a city through an airport....It's the front row to a city and region, the first and last impression," says John D. Kasarda, a professor of management and director of the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise at the University of North Carolina.

Beijing International Airport, China

Just in time for the 2008 Summer Olympic games, Beijing International added Terminal 3, the largest above-ground airport terminal in the world. The Feng Shui is the creation of British architect Norman Foster, who designed and completed Terminal 3 in four years.
Its soaring aerodynamic roof and dragon-like form celebrate the thrill of flight and evoke Chinese traditional red and gold color scheme and symbols.
"If you are lucky, [you] see the sun glinting off the dragon scales on the spine of the building," says Weston.
The terminal is open to views to the outside and planned under a single unifying roof canopy. Linear skylights are both an aid to orientation and sources of daylight — the color scheme changing from red to yellow as passengers progress through the building.

Carrasco International Airport, Uruguay

Carrasco International Airport, or Aeropuerto Internacional de Carrasco General Cesareo L. Berisso, as it is known in Uruguay, is a private airport owned and operated by Puerta del Sur, and serves the capital city of Montevideo. The airport is one of just two airports in the country; it was created to expand capacity and spur commercial growth and tourism in the surrounding region.
In 2007, Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly designed a new building that plays off the tradition of grand transportation halls and departure levels all in one large space. The arrivals area encompasses an airy mezzanine level to help orient passengers to the terminal space before they descend to the baggage claim and other services. The curved roof of the airport’s exterior evokes the natural landscape of Uruguay, becoming not just an architectural landmark but a sculptural one, as well.

Denver International Airport, United States
Denver International Airport, or DIA, which opened in 1996, is routinely voted the best airport in North America by Business Traveler magazine, balancing passenger safety and providing an enjoyable experience. The terminal’s peaked roof resembles a village of giant white teepees, against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.
Denver-based architect Curtis Fentress, a pioneer in sustainable design, made the airport as "green" as possible, with solar-power operations, and a roof made of materials which reflect 20 percent of solar radiation in the summer and retains heat in the winter.
In addition to construction, the airport made operational improvements in 2009 and now uses a recycling program.
"It is the only major new airport to be built in recent memory, and as such has advantages over other large airports such as JFK, LAX, and ORD, which have grown organically over many decades and generations of airlines and aircraft needs," says Weston.

Incheon International Airport, South Korea

Since its opening in 2001, Incheon International Airport has been regularly voted the world's best airport in terms of the passenger experience. Award-winning architect Curtis Fentress, who also designed Denver International Airport, intended to design Incheon as a showcase of Korean culture.
Fentress spent weeks traveling the country, visiting cultural landmarks, and studying the lines and forms found in traditional buildings before he started to design the airport. The bow of the roofline emulates a traditional Korean temple, and while the arrival hallways are lined with Korean artifacts, some 5,000 years old, the airport's train terminal looks futuristic. Pine trees and wildflowers are planted inside the building.
The airport's baggage-handling system is designed to process 31,000 pieces of luggage an hour, and uses a centralized computer-controlled, automated tilt-tray system, that sorts pieces of luggage with barcode readers.

Lyon-Saint Exupéry, France

Formerly known as Lyon Satolas Airport, the building's most striking profile is based on two converging steel arches that resemble a bird in flight. Architect Santiago Calatrava designed St. Exupéry’s main concourse with a wing-like structure spread out on the ceiling and natural light coming through the openings.
Although there is a high-speed train station connected to the airport, Calatrava's aspirations for the airport serving as an international hub for the region failed, as only a handful of people use the high speed daily.

Malvinas Argentinas Airport, Argentina

Located in Ushuaia at the southern tip of South America, near the island of Tierra del Fuego, Malvinas Argentinas Airport's beauty is a function of its natural setting. Flights come in low over the Andes Mountains, crossing the northern plains, smooth hills, and mountain topography. The airport is a common gateway to Patagonia and the Antarctic. From the outside, the glass building reflects the sun; inside, timber frames the spacious main building.

Marrakech Menara Airport, Morocco

Modernism and traditional Islamic architecture come together at the Marrakech Menara Airport. Designed by a team of architects, led by Casablanca-based E2A Architecture, the airport added a contemporary terminal in 2008. Inside, massive concrete, diamond-shaped structures cover the ceiling, and light and shadows shift throughout the day. The contemporary design blends smoothly with the original terminal, whose columns are the typical diamond-shaped tiles in shades of green and terracotta.
Balconies overlook the central lobby and the main rest areas are equipped with sofas and armchairs decorated with fabrics typical of the region. The building's glass skin, which looks like wired mesh, evokes Arab artistry and design.

Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore

Singapore Changi Airport embarked on an ambitious expansion program in 2000. Its Terminal 3 was designed by CPG Corp. and Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. Inside, a woven tapestry of living plants not only divides the huge building into landside/airside sections but also connects the vertical space of the check-in/arrival areas, which are separated by a glass security screen.
The airport’s “butterfly-winged” skylights allow natural light in, while keeping the tropical heat out through regulated sensors. At night, the skylights glow with artificial lighting that is delicately concealed below the reflector panels. A five-story-high vertical garden, dubbed The Green Wall, complements the showcasing of natural elements.
"There are so many serene amenities, it's like a tropical wonderland," says Kasarda. "The idea is to calm passengers.”

Sondika Bilbao Airport, Spain

The Sondika Bilbao Airport is nestled in the hilly green landscape of the Txoriherri Valley, close to the city of Bilbao in northern Spain and the gateway to the Basque capital. Work on the airport started in the early 1990s, but was not complete until late in the decade; the airport was fully operational by 2000, with an investment of $39 million.
Santiago Calatrava designed the layout with considerable attention to the surrounding area and environment, limiting the impact of auxiliary buildings on the vista of the main building. The four-story parking structure has a sky lit walkway leading to the terminal building. It’s nicknamed La Paloma, or the Dove, for its birdlike silhouette.

Tempelhof International Airport, Berlin

Tempelhof Weltflughafen, often called the world or city airport, because of its commuter flights to other parts of Germany, was designed by Nazi-era architect Albert Speer. One of the airport's most distinctive features is its large, canopy-style roof, which was able to accommodate most contemporary airliners. Although this airport closed all operations in 2008, many experts in architecture say its design determined the shape of airports for generations to come.
"It was the first airport to make a statement. The terminals were architecturally important," says Kasarda. The airfield will be used as a city park, while the terminal will be preserved for cultural functions.

Aviation Scholarships: Working Scholarship for the Aviation Sector Students

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Singapore Aviation Scholarships

SINGAPORE : A new working scholarship has been announced for the aviation sector to attract high-calibre students from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and polytechnics.

Speaking at the Aviation Open House at Downtown East on Thursday, Minister of State for Transport Josephine Teo said the Aviation Horizons Scholarship will enable companies to recruit ITE or polytechnic graduates immediately upon graduation.

Together with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, the companies can then sponsor the youths for part-time studies for higher qualification.

She said the scholarship aims to allow students to acquire work experience in the aviation sector, while they pursue further studies.

Mrs Teo also announced the Aviation Youth Outreach Seed Fund, which aims to expand the range of aviation interest activities currently organised for youths by the industry, associations and student groups.

She said the Seed Fund can support new ideas put forward by groups to nurture a passion for aviation in youth.

Both the initiatives are part of the S$9 million Aviation Manpower Programme (AMP) launched last year.

It aims to build the aviation manpower base through the attraction, development and retention of talent.

- CNA/ms

Civil Aviation Humor: 10 Ways you can tell your Pilot is on Drugs

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Military Aviation Humor | Civil Aviation Humor | Life in the Military
10 Ways you can tell your pilot is on drugs

10. All the in-flight meals are missing their dessert squares.
9. In between 'May I' and 'have your attention' there's a 45 minute pause.<
8. He's constantly yelling, 'Take that, Red Baron!'
7. Shuttle from New York to Boston includes stopover in Columbia.
6. His co-pilot: Robert Downey Jr.
5. For the last hour, he's been riding the beverage cart like a rodeo cowboy.
4. Keeps coming on the P.A. to point out clouds that look like his old high school teachers.
3. His wings are pinned to his bare chest.
2. When you fly over international dateline, he yells, 'Dude! We're, like, time traveling!'
1. When he exhales, the oxygen masks drop.

Military Aviation Humor
The Blonde Fighter Pilot

"So, a blonde fighter pilot was flying in a two ship one day. She was flying her heading just fine, when all of a sudden her wingman called, "We have Migs coming in at 6 o'clock!" She quickly took a thought, looked at her watch and said, "It's okay! It's only 5:30!"

Irish Aeronautical Engineer wins Top Boeing award at age of 34

Boeing Commercial Airplanes Engineer of the Year is Irish Aeronautical Engineer

Dr Pio Fitzgerald, a University of Limerick aeronautical engineering graduate, has won the highest engineering accolade from Boeing, having been named Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ Engineer of the Year, aged just 34.

On 12 November, Fitzgerald attended the Dubai Air Show as one of four nominees for the Innovator of the Year award from Flightglobal.  Previous winners of this award include Richard Branson in 2009 and the aircraft manufacturer Embraer in 2010.

Hailing from Killarney, Co Kerry, Fitzgerald graduated from UL 1999 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in aeronautical engineering.  As part of his degree, he undertook an eight-month co-operative education placement in 1997 with Boeing Commercial Airplanes, which formed the basis of his interest in his current speciality, flight-control laws. Following graduation from UL, Fitzgerald attained both a master's degree and a doctorate at Cranfield University in the UK.
Fitzgerald's breakthrough OAMS system for the Boeing 747-8F

In the spring of 2010, Boeing encountered a design crisis with the new 747-8F jumbo jet freighter aircraft, when "flutter tests" revealed a vibration in the jumbo freighter's wing.

Fitzgerald and his team made aerospace history when they developed the Outboard Aileron Modal Suppression (OAMS) system that dampened out the flutter on the Boeing 747-8F without necessitating any physical redesign of the aircraft. 

Fitzgerald's breakthrough system required an agreement on a "regulatory special condition" between the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Boeing.

Fitzgerald's ingenuity secured FAA certification and contributed to the delivery of Boeing's innovative jet in October.

In aerospace circles, his accomplishment has already been compared to the legendary Sutter Twist solution four decades ago, when a similar design crisis faced the original 747 passenger aircraft.

Speaking about the award, Fitzgerald today said he was "honoured and humbled to be named Boeing Commercial Airplanes Engineer of the Year". He also thanked UL for giving him the educational foundation to go on and progress his aeronautical career.

"The great education I received in aeronautical engineering at the University of Limerick provided me with the necessary skills to contribute at the highest levels in the commercial airplane industry. I owe a great deal of thanks to the faculty and staff of UL."

Prof Michael McCarthy, chair of Aeronautical Engineering at the Department of Mechanical, Aeronautical and Biomedical Engineering at UL, also spoke today about Fitzgerald's achievements.
'Mind-boggling achievement at such a young age' - UL professor

"These awards represent the highest honours an aerospace engineer could hope to achieve. Pio was a fabulous student, who we expected to do well. But to achieve this recognition is beyond anything we could have imagined. Boeing is such a prestigious company that every aerospace engineer in the world would love to work there. To even get into the organisation, let alone be named their top engineer, and at the tender age of 34, is mind boggling," said McCarthy.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes employs more than 70,000 people worldwide, including top aerospace engineers.

In 2010, Boeing had revenues of more than US$31bn, with more than 12,000 jetliners in service.

Carmel Doyle

Spain's First Unmanned Solar Plane is Designed by Aeronautical Engineering Students

Spain's First Unmanned Solar Plane

Students of Terrassa School of Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering (ETSEIAT) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya BarcelonaTech (UPC) have together designed Spain's first unmanned solar plane – the Solar Endeavour UPC, using a technology developed by them. 

The students, Joaquim Creus Prats, Josep Fernández Coll, Carles Felip Aragón, Marta Marimon Mateu, Arnau Pons Lorente, IgnacioPedrosa Lojo, and Xavier Serena Alòs formed the ETSEIAT Trencalòs team.

Solar cells are fixed on to the wings and tail of solar planes. The cells had to be adapted to fit onto the wing’s curved, aerodynamic surface. The monocrystalline silicon used for making solar cells is extremely fragile and tends to break. The cells are normally 0.2 mm thick and the Spanish team built a panel, which along with the protective coating had a total thickness less than 1 mm.

CATUAV provided remote control and telemetry systems, which included GPS navigation, flight-assistance instrumentation and a video camera that provided real-time data to the control station on the ground.

The Solar Endeavour UPC has a cruising speed of 58 km/h with a speed of 90 km/h. It weighs 11.3 kg and has a length of 1.8 m and a wingspan of 5 m. The plane has five batteries that have a capacity of 40 Ah and weigh 2.5 kg. The average motor consumption is 11 A. The motor has a maximum power of 500 W and a cruising motor power of 127 W.

The solar plane flew continuously for 5 h 48 min at the Sedis aero club located in Seu d'Urgell. The solar panels provide over 50% of the power required during peak sunlight hours, while the batteries can supply the power when there is no sunlight source.
  • Solar planes enhance the capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).
  • They can fly over the desired areas for days together. 
  • They can be used for scientific missions, communications in isolated areas, traffic control and prevention of forest fires. 
The ETSEIAT Trencalòs project demonstrates the potential of solar planes for civilian applications.

By Cameron Chai

Design Your Own Plane: With the Proper Lift, Drag, And Fuel Efficiency

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Design Your Own Aircraft
Your Mission: Design A Plane With the Proper Lift, Drag, And Fuel Efficiency To Make It From One Landing Strip To Another.

Aviation company GE Aviation has added a simple and yet fun “Design Your Own Plane” game to their website.  In this game you can experiment with different wing, engine and fuselage options to try to build an optimum airplane.  Then, when you think you’ve come up with the perfect plane, click a button and watch it fly.  Or not.  (My first one did not!)

Designing an airplane is not easy. You have to know aerodynamics, physics, and how to balance lift, drag, and engine fuel efficiency so that they all work together. No, designing an airplan is not easy task. Unless you have our little design application, then it's a walk in the park. If a couple of guys in a silent film can do it, surely you can, too. Give it a try!

Design Your Own Aircraft

Do not attempt to design, build, or fly a full-scale aircraft using any data from this game.

Share your experience after your successful Flight:) through commenting.

Emirates Careers: Component Management Professionals/Maintenance Tech

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Emirates Airlines
The Emirates Group is a highly profitable business with a turnover of approximately US$ 12 billion and over 50,000 employees. The Group comprises of dnata, the successful Airport Ground Services and Travel Industry division, and Emirates, the Group's rapidly expanding and award winning international Airline. Emirates global network now sees it flying to over 110 destinations across 6 continents, operating a modern fleet of over 150 wide-bodied aircraft. Today the Airline has orders worth over US$ 68 billion for 200 more of the latest aircraft, with plans to operate to many more destinations in the months and years ahead. Essential to our continued business success as we expand will be the ongoing employment of high quality people to join our multi-cultural team of over 150 nationalities.

Dubai, a tourism centre and modern cosmopolitan city with high standards of healthcare, education and leisure pursuits for residents offers those we hire one of the most desirable lifestyle locations in the world. In addition to lifestyle and tax free salary benefits, the Emirates Group also offers professional development opportunities to help employees develop new skills and grow their careers successfully. Discover your future!
Jr. Maint. Tech.- Auto Electrical-Tech Svcs.Emirates Airline & Group Aviation & Aerospace Jobs
    Job Position: Permanent
    Location: United Arab Emirates
    Job Hours: Full-Time
    Job Role: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
    Company:  Emirates Airline & Group
    Job reference: JMT/JB/19386
    Posted Date: 16 October

The Position:
As part of a team of technicians as directed by the (Senior) Maintenance Technician/Maintenance Supervisor, assist in carrying out all scheduled and non scheduled maintenance, servicing, fault finding and repair on all equipment /vehicles and plant maintained by various Technical Services Workshops to ensure functional reliability to meet the 24 hour requirements of the operations. Equipment maintained include: All Ground Support Equipment used by DN Airport Operation departments for providing service to all aircraft (airlines) using Dubai International Airport & EK Engineering.
All EK ULDs.
All vehicles & automobiles used by various EK departments & other organizations within Dubai International Airport.
All cargo handling equipment at the DN Cargo & EK Sky Cargo warehouses.
Equipment used by EK Flight Catering.

Component Management Professionals Emirates Airline & Group Aviation & Aerospace Jobs

    Job Position: Permanent
    Location: United Arab Emirates
    Job Hours: Full-Time
    Job Role: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
    Company:  Emirates Airline & Group
    Job reference: RC/AW/19312
    Posted Date: 09 October
Positions: We have a variety of positions available within our Component Management Team. This team provides Operational Support to ensure component availability for fleet operation and major checks. These positions require front end activity of liason with suppliers and different Engineering departments to ensure retrieval of components and contractual compliance. Other functions may also include effective management of aircraft components in order to achieve desired service levels with optimum stock levels.

Salary & Benefits: We offer an attractive tax-free salary, paid in Dirhams, the local currency of the UAE. The Dirham is linked to the Special Drawing Right of the International Monetary Fund. It has been held constant against the US dollar since the end of 1980 at a mid-rate of approximately US$1= Dh3.66. Besides travel benefits normally associated with an airline, more information on employee benefits is available within the 'Working Here' section of this site. By viewing the 'Dubai Lifestyle' section in the site you can also consider the benefits of Dubai as a location to live and work in.
Experience and Qualifications: Repair Controller 'A' Level or equivalent with 8 years Industry experience in supply chain management, Warehouse and Logistics, Repairs Management, Material Planning/Support & Inventory Control, Technical Purchasing or any other support services. OR Graduate in Engg/AME Licence with 2 years Industry experience as above OR Graduate with 5 years Industry experience as above.

For detail information visit Emirates Careers

B2 Licensed Engineer is required for Base Maintenance - Jet Professionals

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 B2 & C Licensed Engineer Jet Professionals Aviation & Aerospace Jobs

Job Role: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, Certifying Engineer, Aircraft Mechanic
    Job Hours: Full-Time
    Location: Middle East
    Job Position: Permanent
    Company:  Jet Professionals    Job reference: *CL604/CL605 B2/C Engineer
    Posted Date: 10 October
Challenger 604 / 605 B2 Licensed Engineer is urgently required to support the base maintenance certifier of our client in carrying out scheduled airframe and engine related maintenance

Qualifications required of the CL604/CL605 B2 engineer
• Hold an B2 EASA and/or QCAA Part 66 license
• Hold an ‘C’ EASA and/or QCAA Part 66 license
• Must be type rated on the Bombardier Challenger 604/605
• High School Diploma
Aircraft maintenance or construction apprenticeship

Main responsibilities include:
• To supervise and instruct other personnel in the completion of their duties on the aircraft.
• To carry out line maintenance and defect rectification to aircraft and certify return to service.
• To carry out defect rectification away from base when required.
• Supervising all unlicensed staff on airframe and engine aircraft maintenance
• Supporting base maintenance staff in carrying out their duties
• Ensuring all work carried out on aircraft is to the highest possible standard
• Certifying return to service on defect rectification and line maintenance related tasks in accordance with privileges held
• Completing and submitting all aircraft check related paperwork as required
• Maintaining AME license and ensuring currency does not lapse
• Liaising with stores on parts procurement
• Responding to telephone calls outside of office hours when necessary
Competencies required B2 engineer
• A team player who enjoys working as part of a multi-cultural work force
• Needs to be able to perform well under pressure
• Must be fluent in English, other languages desirable
Additional information
• This role may involve a moderate amount of international travel.
• Working hours: This job may involve shift work

Aicraft Mechanic for Ground Support Equipment - Emirates Airlines

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Machinist - Ground Support Equipment Emirates Airline & Group
Aviation & Aerospace Jobs

    Job Position: Permanent
    Location: United Arab Emirates
    Job Hours: Full-Time
    Job Role: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
    Company:  Emirates Airline & Group
    Job reference: M/JB/19258
    Posted Date: 03 October

The Emirates Group is a highly profitable business with a turnover of approximately US$ 12 billion and over 50,000 employees. The Group comprises of dnata, the successful Airport Ground Services and Travel Industry division, and Emirates, the Group's rapidly expanding and award winning international Airline. Emirates global network now sees it flying to over 110 destinations across 6 continents, operating a modern fleet of over 150 wide-bodied aircraft. Today the Airline has orders worth over US$ 68 billion for 200 more of the latest aircraft, with plans to operate to many more destinations in the months and years ahead. Essential to our continued business success as we expand will be the ongoing employment of high quality people to join our multi-cultural team of over 150 nationalities.

Dubai, a tourism centre and modern cosmopolitan city with high standards of healthcare, education and leisure pursuits for residents offers those we hire one of the most desirable lifestyle locations in the world. In addition to lifestyle and tax free salary benefits, the Emirates Group also offers professional development opportunities to help employees develop new skills and grow their careers successfully. Discover your future!

The Position: To perform as part of a team as directed by the Foreman / Sr Machinist all scheduled maintenance /servicing /repair /rebuilding /fault finding on all DNATA/EK and other airlines/companies' ground support equipment. Perform machining works in the machine shop as assigned by the Foreman.

JOB ACCOUNTABILITIES: Perform scheduled maintenance, servicing, overhaul and all other repair/rebuild works on the Ground Support equipment in order to ensure the serviceability of the equipment. Carry out repairs and rebuilding of all breakdown equipment without any time delay in order to minimise downtime of equipment. Check all equipment being worked on and report any other faults, damages to the Foreman/Supervisor in order to plan for any predictive works. Follow the general workshop safety procedures in order to prevent and personal injury or equipment damage during the maintenance works. Record in the logbook all maintenance/rebuild works carried out by the jobholder in order to inform the Foreman/Supervisor and Workshop Foreman of the maintenance progress. Inform the Foreman/Supervisor of any spare parts/tools that are required in order that the materials can be ordered and are available for maintenance /rebuild /installation/work. Assist the Foreman/Supervisor in examining all safety functions of the equipment used to ensure that they are functioning correctly in order to help prevent any accident occurring in the workshop. Carry out on job training where required in order to maximise the skills and abilities of the team.

MINIMUM KNOWLEDGE / EXPERIENCE / TRAINING / QUALIFICATIONS: KNOWLEDGE: * Theory and practical knowledge of machine works. * Ability to read, write & speak English to understand manufacturer's instructions. * Ability to drive EXPERIENCE 2 yr. working experience in a machine shop as a machinist. QUALIFICATION * Education up to O level of its equivalent * 2 yr. Technical Training Institute certificate in machine works

To Apply:To express your interest in the above vacancy please apply on-line by clicking below, and complete our application form. We will then consider your application and contact you should we wish to shortlist you for an interview. Should you not receive an invitation for an interview within 5 weeks please assume that on this occasion you have been unsuccessful. We will retain your details for 12 months unless advised otherwise and re-consider you for future opportunities as they arise. Please also note that if you are not shortlisted you can also update your application at anytime and apply for other opportunities. Thank you for your interest in a career with the Emirates Group.

Aviation Jobs: Airframe/ Engine Technicians

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Airframe/ Engine Technician (EC135/AS365) Zenon Aviation
    Job Role: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
    Job Hours: Full-Time
    Location: Middle East
    Job Position: Permanent
    Company:  Zenon Aviation
    Salary: Competitive
    Job reference: FI1097
    Posted Date: 31 October

Zenon are currently looking for Airframe/ Engine Technicians for an established operator based in the Middle East.

Along with your technical expertise the role also involves supervising an expanding team of workers.

Skills and experience required:
• An apprenticeship in Aircraft Airframe/ Engine or equivalent qualifications.
• Recent experience on the AS365 and EC135 Helicopters.

Flights provided at the start and end of each rotation will be provided by the company.

You will be working a 9 week on 3 week off roster with all flights, accommodation in a safe and secure facility and transport is provided.

To apply for this position please send the following through to

• CV
• Colour copy of Passport.
• Any relevant training certificates.

All applications will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Only successful candidates will be contacted

Zenon Recruitment Ltd is acting as an Employment Agency in relation to this vacancy.

Helicopter Jobs: Helicopter Mechanic Job in Aurora, Oregon

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Helicopter Sheet Metal Mechanic Job in Aurora, Oregon
 PlaneTechs Aviation Workforce solutions Aviation & Aerospace Jobs

   Job Position: Permanent
    Location: OR - Oregon
    Job Hours: Full-Time
    Job Role: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
    Company:  PlaneTechs Aviation Workforce solutions
Experienced Helicopter Sheet Metal Mechanics are needed to perform the following functions on Helicopters for our client in Aurora, OR: Perform structural (sheetmetal) maintenance and alterations, will also fabricate structural parts as part of the parts manufacturing process and/or performs aircraft maintenance, preventive maintenance, repair and alterations on aircraft or airframe parts. Read and interpret maintenance manuals, technical drawings or other technical data to determine the feasibility and method to perform the assigned task. I nspect aircraft structures and/or aircraft airframe systems and parts (such as mechanical flight control, hydraulic and fuel systems) following defined inspection program and utilizing visual inspection techniques or inspection aids (such as precision measuring equipment) as required. Replace or repair damaged or worn aircraft structural parts or performs structural alterations utilizing general hand tools and pneumatic tools and structural repair equipment. Perform removal, assembly and replacement of aircraft component or system parts as required. Document all inspection findings and work performed/corrective action in the appropriate maintenance records. Requirements: An A License is preferred, but not required. 2 years of experience as an Aviation Helicopter Sheet Metal Mechanic is required. 6 of 24 months of recent experience as an Aviation Helicopter Sheet Metal Mechanic is required. INDFEA1

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