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Online Data Entry Work From Home Most Profitible and Easiest to Make Money

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Data Entry Work

Data Entry Work From Home
Doing part time data entry jobs from home is just right platform for students to earn those extra money.

  • No need to wait for those Money Orders from Home.
  • Those little earned money reliefs you and your family.
  • You will have your own pocket money i.e better living expenses.

If you are one of the thousands of people looking to work in an online data entry position there is no need to worry.

The field of online data entry positions is taking a turn for the better with a promising future that lies ahead.

Types of online data entry positions that you could look into include word processors, typists, transcribers, encoders and more. There are several websites that offer these positions in all different forms.

On the other hand, if you like the idea of working for yourself, choosing when and how long you will work today. If you want the freedom to take a nap at 3:30 pm and begin your work day at 1:00 am in the morning, you should look into this type of work at home opportunity. Here are some of the

Benefits of working from your home.

More economical:

Most people who add up the true cost of going out to a job are appalled at how little of the earnings actually can be applied against their living expenses.


All that is required are a computer, internet connectivity, knowledge to operate the computer, little bit of typing skills as it requires to process and manage large number of data and last but not the least aptitude to take up data entry jobs.

Good communication, data organizing skills, and as said typing skills add value to the work performed.

They may have to edit the information; proof read the content for accuracy and update databases ensure the documents are error free. Also, there are many types of data entry jobs like the attorney’s legal briefs to be entered,medical records or medical transcriptions where the data will be in the form of voice which have to be converted into records, court or legal documents etc.

Remember that if you are searching for a legitimate data entry at home job, you will not be asked to give any cash for sort of placement fee. You should keep in mind that you are looking for a job and that this company should be the ones who will pay you instead of you giving out cash. By entering this opportunity, it would probably open doors for you to a wider and greater opportunity for working for job at home.

Data entry jobs online:

Many freelance job sites on the net that offer data entry jobs online.There is no registration fee charged for registering as the main purpose is to get the information of the person who is going to do data entry jobs like name, address, areas of interest etc.The job is offered to the person who bids for the lowest amount. Thus data entry jobs can be got online. The time spent on such data entry jobs is very valuable as every second makes the person earn money.

Twitter Entries
Twitter has fast become one of the biggest online communities where people connect with each other and share information with one another. This is the reason why more and more people want to be on Twitter but when they do join, they don't really know what to post. This is where you can come in. You can get paid to maintain a Twitter account and online data entry jobs like this are one in a million. Just think how easy it is to place in 140 character entries including links just to direct people to other websites!

There are people making $2000 - $3000 per month through Data entry work.

Never Late. Just google search, find best data entry projects and earn those extra cash :-)

You have wished that you had chosen a different career!

A KLM Boeing 777 being pushed back from a gate...Image via Wikipedia
Great Airplane

You Might Be An Aircraft Mechanic If....

You've ever slept on the concrete under a wing. You've ever said "Oh yes sir, its supposed to look like that"

You know what JP4 or 145 octane tastes like.

You've ever used a black grease pencil to fix an overworked tire.

You have a better bench-stock in the pockets of your coveralls than the supply system.

You've ever used a piece of safety wire as a toothpick.

You've ever been told to go get "some prop wash and a yard of flight-line."

You've ever worked a 14 hour shift on a aircraft that isn't flying the next day.

You can sleep anywhere, anytime, but as soon as the engines shut down you are wide-awake.

You've ever stood on wheel chocks to keep your feet dry.

Used dikes to trim fingernails.

Wiped leaks immediately prior to crew show.

Wondered where they keep finding the idiots that keep making up stupid rules.

You've ever had to de-fuel an aircraft an hour after refueling it.

You've used a wheel chock as a hammer.

You know more about your coworkers than your own family.

You ever wished the pilot would say "Great Airplane".

You've ever wondered why it takes a college degree to break an airplane but only a high school diploma to fix one.

You have used a wooden chock as a pillow while sleeping on a push back tug.

You have scuba dived a lavatory tank to remove everything under the sun.

You have had a pilot ask you why the valve stems on all the tires are not the same size.

You have had a steering bypass pin fall out during a blinding snowstorm while in a near red-line turn.....BOOM!!!

You have had a starter hang while performing a manual start on a RC-130!!!! You just screwed up something really expensive.....D'OH!!!!

You have seen the "northern lights" inside the cabin while being shocked by a ballast (200v).

You have had fire lick the back of your neck after getting that inop APU FINALLY started (tub removed).

You have told someone that you are an aircraft mechanic only to have them say, "But not on the engines...right?"

You have been blamed by management for looking where you were NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LOOKING.

You have wanted to put your foot up a pilot's butt on many occasions.

You have wished that you had chosen a different career!

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License issued by the DGCA , is recognized in Middle East Countries?

 A student of  Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India and want to work in Emirates Airlines or GAMCO or Saudi Arabia any other Gulf  Aircraft Maintenance Companies. Is DGCA recognized in middle east countries?

Emirates Airline's A340-500 @RJBBImage by double-h
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

This is the common query, all AME students has,

" I am currently undergoing an apprentice program in India. will my license be recognized or do i have to appear for examinations there"?

The U.A.E  GCAA will almost certainly not validate it, and they also have a policy where they

reserve the right not to validate any aircraft maintenance engineering license that is under 5
years old. So even if you do finish you apprenticeship, and even if they were to have a goodday

and accept an aircraft maintenance enginering license from India you may yet fall into the 5
years license holder rules.

If you do want to work in say Dubai and look for a position with Emirates I would suggest that
you may want to look for a technicians position there and sit you GCAA exams as you can.

I don't want to sound too harsh or mean here but I would also suggest that you brush up on you
written English. If you were to answer an exam question in English using the standard you demonstrate above you really will fail, regardless of the content of the answer.

 That said good luck in making your way into the bigger world

 Requirements for GCAA exams - experience ...if any?

 To eligible the GCAA exams, have 3.5 years experience appropriate to the category that you have applied for, be over 21 and pay 200dhs for the exam.

 When you apply they will ask for your training certificates and a record of experience,logbook

and make sure DGCA is recognized there, because ON JOB TRAINING has to be done at a DGCA recognised country.


Emirates International Airline: Aircraft Maintenance Technician Job Vacancies

200Image via Wikipedia
Emirates Technician Jobs

 The Emirates Group offers Professional Development Opportunities to Licensed Aircraft Engineers.

The Emirates Group is a highly profitable business with a turnover of approximately US$ 12 billion and over 40,000 employees. The Group comprises of Dnata, the successful Airport Ground Services and Travel Industry division, and Emirates, the Group's rapidly expanding and award winning international Airline. Emirates global network now sees it flying to over 100 destinations across 6 continents, operating a modern fleet of over 130 wide-bodied aircraft.
Discover your future!

Today the Airline has orders worth over US$ 58 billion for 170 more of the latest aircraft, with plans to operate to many more destinations in the months and years ahead. Essential to our continued business success as we expand will be the ongoing employment of high quality people to join our multi-cultural team of over 150 nationalities.

The Position: The Aircraft Technician is responsible for carrying out maintenance tasks on Emirates and third party aircraft in accordance with laid down procedures and regulations. He/She will work as part of a team under the direction and guidance of the assigned Licensed Aircraft Engineer within the trade disciplines for which they have been trained.

Various skills sets are acceptable as we are currently seeking candidates suitable to work for Line Maintenance, Base Maintenance, IFE and Overhaul Workshops – Cabin, Structures / NDT, Power plant / Test Cell, Avionics shop.

Salary & amp; Benefits: We offer an attractive tax-free salary, paid in Dirhams, the local currency of the UAE.

Experience and Qualifications:

• An aircraft maintenance apprenticeship with an airline or an approved aircraft maintenance organization OR Equivalent formal training in an Air Force combined with 5 years post training experience in commercial aircraft maintenance.

• An in-depth knowledge of maintenance safety, human factors and general engineering practices.
• Fluency in the English Language

*  Job Role: Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor, Aircraft Mechanic
    * Job Hours: Full-Time
    * Location: Dubai
    * Job Position: Permanent
    * Company:  Emirates Airline & Group
    * Salary: Attractive tax-free package

To Apply: To express your interest in the above vacancy please apply on-line by visiting our website


Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's Health is at Risk: Pleural Cancer among People Employed in Aircraft Industry.

A nose wheel and landing gear assembly for a B...Image by The Library of Congress

 Mesothelioma- A cancer is affected to among people worked in aircraft maintenance section.

 Studies reveal an increased mortality for Pleural cancer among people employed in Aircraft Industry.

 Maintenance people employed in aircraft maintenance repair work,including people landing gear maintenance section, particularly brake replacement section, are prone to asbestos disease(Pleural Mesothelioma).

 In aircraft construction a variety of toxic substances are used. Mainly Asbestos-containing materials were present in various aircraft components. By weight ranging from 16-23% asbestos are high in the brake unites.

 Regarding aircraft maintenance-repair, further mesothelioma cases have been observed in Italy in this branch, besides the present one. In 1996, a pleural mesothelioma was histological diagnosed at the Rome University in a 62-year-old man who had worked as an aircraft mechanic at the Rome airport for 35 years.

 An aeronautical engineer died, treated by right pleuropneumonectomy for mesothelioma in October 2003, and died for mesothelioma recurrence 11 months later.

 As i read this,a jerk came out of me. I have done my on-job training in maintenance section in AirIndia and most of the period worked in brake replacement unit...

for more detailed article  click   Aircraft maintenance and Mesothelioma

B/E Aerospace: Approved EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING as Service Center


EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING staff has also received extensive training directly from B/E  Aerospace in preparation for this activity. EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING provides B/E  Aerospace customers with the repair and overhaul support for refrigeration and Galley Inserts equipment utilizing B/E original equipment replacement.

 Eng. Hussein Masoud, EGYPTAIR Holding Company Chairman & CEO , opened EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING Galley Inserts Center on Sunday, 13th of June , 2010. Eng. Abdel Aziz Fadel, Chairman and CEO of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING, received the approval certificate from Mr. Kevin Lehnert, Vice President & General Manager of Refrigeration Group at B/E Aerospace.

 The Center is a joint venture with B/E Aerospace, a leading company for refrigeration and Galley Inserts products. B/E Aerospace has announced its recognition of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING as an approved service center for the repair of Air Chiller, Refrigerator, Oven and  Water boiler inserts on the African continent.

Currently EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING has the largest installed base of B/E products in the region and has many years of experience working in this field.

 This key partnership will provide localized services to both B/E and EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING customers in Africa, lowering overall turn – around – time and ensuring continued high quality services. The opening ceremony was attended by EGYPTAIR Subsidiaries’ Chairmen, VP’s and several Egyptian Civil Aviation Ministry Seniors and Executives.

Rolls-Royce Encourages Young Pilots Through EAA Scholarships

Rolls-Royce logoImage via Wikipedia
EAA Scholarships: Rolls-Royce Encourages Young Pilots

Rolls-Royce, the global power systems company, will help young pilots achieve their dreams by pledging financial support for the 2010 EAA Young Eagles Scholarship Program. Designed to support teenagers interested in aviation and aviation careers, EAA Young Eagles scholarships fund flying lessons and flight experiences for deserving teenage student pilots.

In 2010, flight training scholarships funded by Rolls-Royce will be awarded to six students who have completed the majority of EAA’s online ground school class Winners will attend an FAA qualified flight school. Additionally, one student will receive a voucher towards flight training completion to earn a Private Pilot’s license.

Ken Roberts, Rolls-Royce, President – Helicopters, said: “Rolls-Royce is excited to sponsor this worthy scholarship program for young aviators. EAA Young Eagles represents education, aviation and passion for flight. We are proud of the students who receive these scholarships and like them, we share a passion for aviation.”

The scholarships will be awarded throughout the year. Scholarship winners are chosen by an EAA scholarship committee. The EAA Young Eagles program has allowed more than 1.5 million teenagers to experience flight and Rolls-Royce is proud to help continue this tradition.

“The excitement and passion for flight is still very strong among young people, and these scholarships will allow them to fulfill those dreams,” said Tom Poberezny, EAA chairman and president. “Rolls-Royce understands that it’s essential to support young people trying to reach their aviation goals, and EAA very much appreciates the company’s commitment to the future of flight.”

Rolls-Royce is proud to be working with EAA and their Young Eagles program. Rolls-Royce has been a participant at EAA events for more than 20 years.

Domain: Aero Engines QuEST is looking for experienced Engineers to be a part of Service Maintenance Engineering Group

Image via Wikipedia

Napier Oryx gas-turbine aero engine at the Sci...
Service Engineering
Dear Candidate,


QuEST ( is looking for 20+ experienced engineers to be a part of Service engineering group in Aero engines Domain.

Job Title: Engineer/Sr. Engineer/Lead Engineer/Tech Lead in Service engineering with experience on Aero engine Domain.

Eligibility Criteria:

• AME (Mechanical Stream only)/BE/MTech/ME/AMaESI (Aeronautical and Mechanical Stream only)

• 2 to 10 yrs of experience in Aero Engine domain

Please note that Candidates with less than 2 years experience and greater than 10 yrs experience will not be considered.

Selection Criteria:

1. Prospective candidates must register by uploading their personal details and the resume by accessing the following URL:

On successful registration kindly carry a print of the registration form along with your updated CV for the interview.

If engineers find difficulty in uploading the resume, they can send their resumes through email to

2. The registered candidates will be shortlisted based on their qualification and experience.

3. Shortlisted candidates will be intimated to attend technical interview at QuEST Bangalore.

The last date for registration is 05-Aug-10

Job Description:

The job requires Support of in service fleet of Large Civil engines. The job involves working in a challenging environment and supporting Service Engineering group for a large Engine Manufacturer.

Typically Service Engineering is expected to support all engine operations and analyze on wing events to initiate changes and improve the reliability of the engine and time on wing. Service engineering is also responsible for reducing cost and maintenance time of the engine without compromising the reliability.

Typical Activities in Service Engineers would do is:

• Technical Report writing
• Data analysis and computation
• Failure investigation and report generation
• Manual Revision
• Life management on critical parts of the engine
• On wing service engineering solutions
• Managing engine field events and providing the root cause
• Investigation and reduction of on wing Maintenance
• Technical solutions for overhaul base support.
• Cost reduction activities.

Please note that this job does not have any hands on maintenance work directly on engines

Role Description:

• Candidate would be initially exposed to QuEST procedures & practices, Customer standards & products.
• The Candidate would be working for different in-house projects of QuEST Aero unit which caters to the needs of global and prestigious customers in Aero Engine.
• They should be flexible enough and deliver the quality output as per customer specifications.

Skills Required:

Technical Skills:

Mandatory Technical Skills:

• Good understanding of Gas Turbine Engine working procedure
• Knowledge of engine components and their function during engine operation
• Well versed with various engine systems like oil system, air system, bleed system
• Knowledge about functioning of different LRUs and their function in engine operation.
• Well versed with architectures like FADEC, etc

Additional Skills but not Mandatory:

• Good Technical report writing skills
• Ability to understand engine limitation and effect due to exceedance of such limitations
• Working knowledge of Engine Trend Monitoring and ability to interpret these trends
• Knowledge of regulatory requirements for airworthiness of the Engine
• Knowledge of AD/SB/NMSB/ NTO etc and their effectivity
• Knowledge about concepts of reliability and ability to interpret reliability data
• Ability to interpret various manuals
• Capable to manage simple and complex database

Soft Skills

• Good Communication skills
• Good hands on MS Office ( Word, Excel, Power Point)

Desired Candidate Profile:

• In-depth technical understanding of Gas turbine fundamentals (3 spool engine concepts)
• Experience in maintenance, repair/service and overhaul of gas turbine aero engines is an

added advantage
• Knowledge of various deterioration mechanisms in Aero engine is an added advantage.
• Good knowledge on working principles and components of Gas Turbine Engines for Aero application Experienced in engine assembly and build shop
• Excellent Communication skills and Inter personal skills
• Have the flexibility to work in shifts.
• Ability to work as part of a team.
• Proactive approach and an ability to take initiative and work in a fast paced environment
• Technical Service/ Quality control experience with any Airline is an added advantage.

The Shortlisted candidates must carry the following documents:

1. Registration Form
2. Hard copy of the updated resume
3. Copy of educational certificates
4. Latest Salary certificate
5. Two references (two members with whom you have shared a reporting relationship) in the below

format :
Name of the reference:
Contact details:

Selection Process: Technical Test -> Technical Interview -> HR Interview

So pick up the pace & spread this word!!!!!!!!!

Talent Acquisition Team


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