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B/E Aerospace: Approved EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING as Service Center

Friday , Posted by AME at 11:39 AM


EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING staff has also received extensive training directly from B/E  Aerospace in preparation for this activity. EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING provides B/E  Aerospace customers with the repair and overhaul support for refrigeration and Galley Inserts equipment utilizing B/E original equipment replacement.

 Eng. Hussein Masoud, EGYPTAIR Holding Company Chairman & CEO , opened EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING Galley Inserts Center on Sunday, 13th of June , 2010. Eng. Abdel Aziz Fadel, Chairman and CEO of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING, received the approval certificate from Mr. Kevin Lehnert, Vice President & General Manager of Refrigeration Group at B/E Aerospace.

 The Center is a joint venture with B/E Aerospace, a leading company for refrigeration and Galley Inserts products. B/E Aerospace has announced its recognition of EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING as an approved service center for the repair of Air Chiller, Refrigerator, Oven and  Water boiler inserts on the African continent.

Currently EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING has the largest installed base of B/E products in the region and has many years of experience working in this field.

 This key partnership will provide localized services to both B/E and EGYPTAIR MAINTENANCE & ENGINEERING customers in Africa, lowering overall turn – around – time and ensuring continued high quality services. The opening ceremony was attended by EGYPTAIR Subsidiaries’ Chairmen, VP’s and several Egyptian Civil Aviation Ministry Seniors and Executives.

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