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Aerospace Engineering Salary And Career Education

Thursday , Posted by AME at 7:27 AM

Careers in Aerospace Engineering

Elementary High School College

Courses and Subjects  :
Aerospace Engineering
 Math, Science, Physics, Trig, Algebra, Calculus, English (!)........>Engineering Courses

Information Gathering:
Family, Friends
Library, Magazines, Internet
CAP, Scouts, EAA
Teachers, Professors
Co-op, Intern

Aerospace Engineering Employers Employed in:
  • Government
  • Private Industry
  -  Civil Aviation, General Aviation, Military Aircraft, Spacecraft
  • Academia
  -  Teaching, Research
Italicized text shows areas of personal experience related to Military Aircraft

Aerospace Engineering Salaries:
  • Analytical Design
  • Field Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials and Processes
  • Software
  • Systems
  • Test

Aerospace Engineering Knowledge:
  • Analytical
- Aerodynamics
  1. Performance
  2. Stability & Control
  3. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
 - Guidance and Control
 - Strength
 - Loads
 - Propulsion
 - Structural Dynamics

  - Aerodynamics
  • Performance
  -  Determine drag, range, fuel use, airspeed, altitude
  • Stability & Control
  -  Determine flying qualities, math model of aircraft dynamics, spin analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

  -  Computational Fluid Dynamics uses computing to calculate data similar to that collected in a wind tunnel.

Salary for a typical Aerospacce Engineer according to the area is as follows:

USA Employment: 100,000

Starting Salaries 2009:

BS $67,000

MS $75,000

PhD $85,000

Median 2008 Salary: $74,000

US$65k, Albany, New York
US$59k, Dallas , Texas
US$60k, Los Angeles, California
US$67k, Boston, Massachusetts
US$60k, Chicago, Illinois

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  1. JhenC says:

    a very meaty information. Indeed, aerospace engineer is one of field of engineer that has a high paying job in our country. Because these engineers are also dedicated to the management and routing checking and monitoring of spacecraft and planes. Furthermore, other areas involve interaction, such as the innovative technology utilized by the space engineer’s remote controls, instrumentation, for example, computerized instrumentation, aeronautical framework and style, and place journey and discovery. Aerospace designers are accountable for the style of automobiles with low air level of resistance, petrol consumption performance and preservation features, solar power automobiles, and the progression of change petrol resources -

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