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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is NOT a Glamor Profession like Other Aviation Career's

Sunday , Posted by AME at 11:47 AM

The fascination for aviation made you to choose Aircraft Maintenance Engineering as your profession and is why millions of people work in aviation.

But the hard part is many students lose interest as they get understand insight professionalism of maintenance engineer in aviation and to added employment opportunities are less.

If you are unhappy with the choice of doing aircraft maintenance engineering license course and tired for not things going in your way, then make an early exits.

Better late than never, take a decision and wind up things. Start a new career.

Say frankly you might be got lost passion in aircraft maintenance engineering, but aviation isn't just aircraft maintenance, or "piloting." Aviation is an entire world above and beyond the cockpit.

Aviation is aircraft design, systems engineering, test piloting, search and rescue, human factors, air traffic control, jet mechanics, electrical engineering, computer systems, airport management, space exploration, customer service, and much more!

Be in aviation they are better options in aviation sector. But the sad part is we never encourage our self to do so and get diversified to new horizons of opportunities.

As said take decision and they are good number of universities and colleges across India and in abroad to count aircraft maintenance engineering experience and based on that experience you can earn a aircraft maintenance license degree or a B.Tech degree in aeronautical engineering.

Now neither nor less to say having a degree in hands have a lot many career options than just being an AME engineer with 10+2 qualification.

My sincere advice is to do degree on distance education and if you had completed your aircraft maintenance engineering course and has some aviation working experience, then find out colleges and universities providing aviation related degree programs.

Mean while, in coming articles i will come up with information on universities and colleges providing aviation programs based on aircraft maintenance engineering license.
Hope you all enjoyed the post.

Happy AME!

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