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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Job: Apply in Various Scheduled and Non Scheduled Airlines.

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Aircraft Maintenance Training

FlightSafety International is the authorized maintenance training organization for 18 manufacturers. It offers more than 400 maintenance courses addressing virtually every training requirement including aircraft specific training and specialty courses. For more information call (800) 291-0679 or visit

Online Maintenance Training

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Jobs

Wright Tool recently launched a new online training program, Wright Tool University. It is set up like any university. The student must register to attend the university, enroll in classes, and obtain a certain score to pass the classes. Users can search for classes they would like to take or are required to take in the course catalog. Courses include: Corporate; Impact Sockets; Ratchets, Hand Sockets, and Attachments; and Wrenches. New courses and information will be added to the university annually. The material covers how the tool is used, how to tell when a tool is worn and should no longer be used, safety information for the specific tool, the manufacturing process, and background information on Wright Tool Company. At the end of each module, the student must pass a quiz to successfully complete the course. For more information visit or call (800) 321-2902.

You can now apply for a job in various scheduled and non scheduled airlines.

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The aviation experts, leading airlines airport authorities gathered for The Leaders in Aviation Award Ceremony.

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The brightest aviation experts, leading airlines and airport authorities gathered at the W Doha Hotels and Resorts for the Leaders in Aviation Award Ceremony.
Qatar: 2009-10-27 13:02:25
The ceremony was part of the Doha Aviation Summit ( organized under the high patronage of His Excellency Abdul Aziz Al Noami, Chairman of the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority taking place in Doha until 27th of October.

The awards honored and awarded individuals and organizations across a range of categories in the aviation sector, the Leaders in Aviation Awards will highlight exemplary success stories.

Initiatives that were undertaken or became effective during the last 12th - 18th months were evaluated for the awards.

The categories and the winners of the Leaders in Aviation Awards 2009 include:

Aviation Awards

· Green initiative of the year by an airline

This year "Green initiative of the year by an airline" award winner is Qatar Airways -the airline that strives to excellence and an integral part of being an industry leader is to help lead the change towards environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The airline has taken numerous initiatives in tackling environmental challenges under the leadership of their CEO and most importantly recently set the record of being the world's first airline to use GTL kerosene on a commercial passenger flight. The award was accepted by Mr Fathi El Shehab, Senior Vice-president for commercial operations at Qatar Airways.

· Low cost carrier of the year

Air Arabia

The winner, Air Arabia, is an airline that introduced the concept of low cost in the Middle East and North Africa markets six years ago and mastered it globally. It is an airline that brought the concept of air travel to the market used to be known for only luxury travel and shifted the overall perception. The award was accepted by Mr. Housam Raydan, Corporate communications manager, on behalf of Air Arabia.

· Airport of the year

Dubai International, the award winner, has increased the number of airlines from 180 - 125 in the last twelve months and this number continues to grow. Passenger growth figures have been increasing month on month, defying the global downturn. It is one of a few airports worldwide, and the only one of the top 10 airports in terms of international passenger traffic, still reporting positive growth and forecasting it through to 2010. The opening of Terminal 3 in October of 2008 is a testament to the project management and stakeholder engagement capabilities of the organization as well as its commitment to invest in facilities and capacity that meet or exceed the expectations of its customers. The award was accepted by Mr Buty Bin Sulaiman, Director Intl. Gov. Affairs at DCAA.

· Airline of the year

Emirates is an airline offering world class consistent products and services to its customers. The airline has demonstrated a proven high level of performance along with the airline's role in ensuring on time departures, incentive programmes, on flight services, ground handling services, innovation, CSR and overall professionalism. The award was accepted by Mr. Saeed Khalifa bin Sulaiman, Emirates Manager Qatar.

· Green Initiative of the year by an airport

Operated by TAV Izmir, an affiliate of TAV Airports Holding, the Izmir Adnan Menderes airport International Terminal's application to the "Airport Carbon Accreditation" programme initiated by the Airports Council International Europe (ACI Europe) within the scope of environmental consciousness, has been accepted in ACI Europe's Annual Congress in June 2009.

The award was accepted by Mr. Sani ÂȘener, President & CEO of TAV Airports Holding, who said, "As TAV Airports Holding we have carried out many projects in our airports centered around environmental awareness. With the admission of the project carried out in the Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal, to the "Airport Carbon Accreditation" programme initiated by ACI Europe, all of our projects aimed at environmental awareness will be certified and recorded from now on. At a time when global warming is threatening the earth we live on, we at TAV Airports aim to meet our responsibilities."

The organizer, Naseba, presented a small token of appreciation to the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority for their tremendous support in organising this summit. His Excellency Abdul Aziz Al Noaimi, Chairman of QCAA accepted the award from Mr. Nic Watson, Group Sales Director at Naseba.

Prachi Dawar, Project Director of the Summit, explained, "People are the most important asset of an organization. It's the strength of a company's workforce that can carry them through tough times like these. The best organizations are the ones who can manage the challenges created by the changing economy and steer their company's performance to greater heights - they are the true leaders in aviation and the awards are designed to recognise, promote and reward excellence in the aviation sector. I would like to thank all those who took the time to nominate for the categories, and to congratulate all of the nominated organizations for their detailed and thorough submissions. All of the nominations were exceptional."

The Leaders in Aviation Awards was sponsored by Selex Systemi Integrati. Other sponsors of the Doha Aviation Summit include Bechtel, Raytheon, ADCC Joint Venture, Vaisala, SmartDesign Group, ThyssenKrupp Elevator Qatar, Alcatel-Lucent, Ali Bin Ali Technology Solutions, Actron, Analogic, Sagem Securite, Zeag AG, Anel Group, EC Harris, Ekin Proje, Ghafari, Gulf Stone Co., HOBART Gmbh, Intermec Technologies Middle East, Panasonic Avionics Corporation, SSP Gulf&India FZE, Voltas, Doha Sky Services, ECG Engineering Consultants Group S.A., AAR Aircraft Services, Jeppesen, Airport Consulting Vienna Gmbh, Ayla Aviation Academy, Clyde&Co LLP, ICX Technologies, SIMCORE, Trepel Airport Equipment Gmbh, Airbus.

About Jagson Airlines

Jagson Airlines

Jagson Airlines is a privately owned low cost carrier based in New Delhi. Pioneers in the field of private airlines operations, the airline started its journey in 1992. It was the first private airline to avail the opportunities granted in the Open Sky Policy in 1991. Jagson is committed to quality, superior customer services and provides international standards of safety, comfort and dinning experience. The airline also assures a wide range of facilities in order to provide maximum convenience to its passengers. The courteous and friendly staff of Jagson ensures smooth and on-time boarding of the passengers and at the same time gives personal attention to every passenger. The airline plans to implement Online Reservation System whereby customers would be able to check flight availability and reserve seats online, thereby, saving their precious time and effort. Jagson, with its finest quality of services promises to provide you highest level of comfort and make your air journey a pleasurable experience.

Jagson Airlines Fleet

Jagson Airlines has a fleet of three Dornier 228-200 aircrafts of German origin and VTERR Chetak helicopters. The aircrafts are handled by the best-trained and well-experienced personnel's of the aviation industry. The maintenance of these aircrafts is in accordance with the international standards and it strictly adheres to the necessary safety and security regulations governed by Director General of Civil Aviation.
Jagson Airlines Operations
Jagson currently operates regular flight services to Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Tirupathi, Puducherry, Pant Nagar, Jaipur, Udaipur, Rajkot, Jodhpur, Kullu, Dharamshala, Shimla, Dehra Dun, Jaisalmer, Srinagar, Baltal and Amaranth. The modern aircrafts of Jagson can also be utilized as cargo, ambulance and for emergency evacuation purpose. Besides aircraft operations, the airline also organizes charter flights with utmost care. Offering cheap and low airfares, Jagson Airlines plans to expand its fleet size and network further in the coming years

The President of Boeing India says, India will need about 1,000 Airplanes of different types in the next 20 years.

Dinesh Keskar, the President of Boeing India and Senior Vice President of Boeing International discusses the outlook for the aviation industry in India. He says, India will need about 1,000 airplanes of different types worth about USD 100 billion in the next 20 years.
Here is a verbatim transcript of the exclusive interview with Dinesh Keskar on CNBC-TV18.

Q: I won’t be wrong if I say you are the best salesman of the aviation world?

A: I would say that is probably okay.

 Boeing India

Q: The deal you made with Air India of 68 aircraft and USD 11 billion, the single largest deal in 2005?

A: That is still today the largest deal in the history of aviation because it was one single deal worth USD 11 billion. There are other deals done but this was one single deal with one single contract.

Q: You started life as a scientist with NASA and then moved to Boeing as a research associate, so you moved from Lab to the corner office isn’t it something that people normally do?

A: When we started growing up in India, I did my high school and my engineering here and my parents always wanted me to do a PHD in engineering. So, I did that in the US and once I finished that I started working with Boeing, one of the things that I found out that there are lot of engineers and lots of good technologies etc but I wanted to do something unique. At that time I was working on the fly by wire system and which is one this airplane here and it took fifteen years to come there, so by the time you work on something till you see it, it takes a long time. When I was in a program called Expo in Boeing, it introduced me to different other functions in the Boeing company, one of them being sales and marketing.

Q: And then in 1987 they sent you to India because people say that Boeing lost the deal to Airbus and so they wanted you here?

A: Certainly, people like to change things and 1987 was the beginning of new era because there was big deal done at Indian Airlines and Boeing just wanted to change people. So, they wanted me to know whether I want to go and work in India and I said I would take a look at it and 22 years later I am still there.

Q: So you got the first deal with Mr. Scindia a USD 700 million deal and in the last two years you perhaps sold about 150 aircraft into Indian companies?

A: We did about 165 in about three year timeframe worth about USD 25 billion was very good going.

Q: Have you been a little more successful because some people would say that it is overcapacity that is driving Indian Airline Company?

A: Even I say that on every single program because that is indeed the reason. We carefully look at the business plan, where the airplanes are going to be used, so if you look at 68 airplanes of Air India, not one was going to be used in the domestic market, the wide bodies like these are going to New York non stop and one stop.

The 18 Air India Express are going as low fare carriers to the gulf and South East Asia and the 787s are not even here yet. We did some wide bodies with Jet Airways and some are yet to be delivered, they took a modest quantity of 737s and they are doing reasonably okay and also SpiceJet. So, what I wanted to tell you is that we have been fortunate and we have never had a cancellation, we had some deferrals but we carefully measure what is it that the airline can use and need and at the same time nobody at that time predicted the deep recession, fuel price and things associated with it.

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Boeing says 787 Dreamliner could fly on Dec 15

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Boeing Co said on Thursday it has opened the flight-test window for its 787 Dreamliner starting Dec. 15, allaying concerns that the hotly anticipated aircraft -- already two years behind schedule -- will miss its latest target of taking to the skies before year end.

787 Dreamliner
A test-flight date marks a huge step in the development of the revolutionary airplane, whose promise of increased fuel efficiency and comfort has attracted a record number of orders for a plane still in development.

"Following the successful completion of static testing to validate the side-of-body modification, we have been working through a number of key preflight tests," Boeing said in a letter late on Thursday. "With high-speed taxi testing scheduled in the coming days, we're on track for first flight soon thereafter."

The company said the date depends on "final internal reviews, taxi test, and receiving the final experimental ticket from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration."

In the last two years, Boeing has announced five embarrassing test-flight delays that resulted in delays to the delivery schedule as well.

The program suffered problems with suppliers, a 2008 labor strike and structural issues. In June, Boeing announced a test flight delay after it discovered a design flaw that required a side-of-body repair.

The flight from Paine Field to Boeing Field -- both in the Seattle area -- will take about three hours. The company has not disclosed who will be on hand to witness the event.

The Dreamliner concept is based on the use of composite materials, which make up 50 percent of the primary structure. The materials are much lighter than aluminum, which makes the skin of traditional commercial airplanes.

787 Dreamliner
The lighter structure allows the plane to consume 20 percent less fuel than comparable aircraft. Fuel efficiency has great appeal to airlines, which have been battered in recent years by the volatile expense.

Additionally, composite materials do not fatigue and therefore require fewer maintenance checks, Boeing says. The company claims that a 787 costs 30 percent less to maintain than competing aircraft.

There are three versions of the plane with varying capacities and ranges in the Dreamliner family: the 787-8, 787-9, and the 787-3. The planes, which have been in development since the first part of the decade, have list prices between $105 million and $205.5 million.

Is it Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or Aeronautical Engineering or Commercial License Pilot?

Is it Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or Aeronautical Engineering or Commercial License Pilot?

1.who is paid most?
2.which is most glamorous profession?
3.who has most responsibility?
4.who is considered as no:1 in aviation?
5.who will be having most knowledge about airplanes? 

1.who is paid most?

A. Pilots: As a pilot, I know from first-hand experience that starting wages for civilian pilots are very poor. Typically a pilot’s first job fresh off the lot is a flight instructor (CFI, CFII, MEI) for a flight school, and they make about 12k a year. This is not because of the hourly wage is so low, but the fact that they are only paid when in two roles (flight time, and ground). Also, it is possible for someone to make a living flight instructing, but this is usually someone who has thousands of hours of experience who usually owns his or her own plane.

To further restrict the pilot’s income, they have daily time restrictions on the amount a flight instructor can fly Once a flight instructor builds up enough time to go to the airlines, they will usually get picked up at a regional with a starting salary of 18-20k a year with a raise to 26-30k. With that said, it takes several years for a pilot to see a financial gain for the thousands of dollars and astronomical amount of time and energy they invested, but eventually, the pay reaching in the 90-120k plus a year range.

B.Aeronautical Engineers: I do not have first-hand experience for the salaries of aeronautical engineers, but I found on the below listed website that the typical salaries start around 24-150k.…

C.A&P (airframe and power plant) Mechanics as they are called in the US have an average salary range of 35k-85k. I have several friends who are A&P’s and their salaries reflect the data on the listed site.…

2.which is most glamorous profession?

In comparative analysis, all three (designer, operator, repairer), play an equally role, and the absents of all three are detrimental the aviation industry, along side the rest of the elemental functions of aviation infrastructure, DESPITE what others say about their individual roles which they believe and portray to be most vital.

3.who has most responsibility?

Again, all three share equally
independent levels of responsibility,

4.who is considered as no:1 in aviation?

No one in my opinion, we are all part of and intricate system

5.who will be having most knowledge about airplanes?

There are different levels and understandings of knowledge, which again are equally important with respect to the common goal of safety and reliability. The pilots have a unique knowledge and understanding to the operation of the aircraft that goes beyond a computer generated representation of an aircraft design, where as the mechanic, has a different set of vital skills that also extend beyond the classroom.

Then there’s the engineer, who uses their knowledge of Science and mathematics to bring the idea to life and produce the next generation of airplanes.

Unfortunately there have been countless, misunderstandings between R&D and operations where there was something overlooked or not considered at all, which have let to catastrophic failures. This problem was alleviated when manufacturers started having the two departments work together where they could share their unique knowledge. On top of that, advanced computer software added to the reduction of abnormalities.

In final words my personal note is in slight favor of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.
The work of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer may not be exiting and glamorous but Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are just as vital to the aviation industry. Without AMEs you can't even imagine to fly.  
Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are the nuts and bolts of aviation.
I hope this is helpful ..

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AirIndia Airlines

About Air India

Air India
India’s oldest carrier, Air India has a worldwide network of passenger and cargo service. India’s national flag carrier, Air India is one of the two state owned airlines operating flights through 95 destinations around the world. Considered the father of air travel in India, Air India endows state of the art service to its guests. Headquartered in Mumbai, the airline has bases in New Delhi and Chennai. Ensuring impeccable service, guaranteeing complete comfort and luxury, Air India makes air travel a leisure jaunt. Offering cheap ticket air travel, the online booking service makes it extremely convenient to avail the best deals and discounts on air tickets.

Air India Fleet
Air India
One of the most reliable and safe airlines, Air India has a well maintained fleet of 48 aircrafts covering short, medium and long haul routes. Their list of air carriers include 19 Airbus A310s, 13 Boeing 737-800s, 2 Boeing 747-300M Combi, 8 Boeing 747-400s, 1 Boeing 747-400M Combi, Boeing 767-300, Boeing 777-200 and 3 Boeing 777-200ER. Boeing 747-300 and Boeing 767-300 would be replaced with Boeing 777-300ER that will operate on routes to Europe and the U.S.
Air India Operations
With flights to as many as 95 destinations all across the country and globe, Air India offers state of the art facility and service. Offering pleasurable cheap ticket air travel, Air India covers 50 world-wide destinations. Making air travel a pleasure, Air India runs frequent flights to varied domestic locations like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and covers the international arena with flights to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Frankfurt, Dar-es-Salam, Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Chicago, New Work, and a host of other key destinations. Air India offers cheap airfare without compromising on the quality of service and safety of its passengers.

For Further Details click  AIRINDIA

Kingfisher Airlines

About Kingfisher Airline
Owned by the India's biggest liquor baron, Mr Vijay Mallya, Kingfisher Airlines is one of

the finest luxury airlines of India. Based in Bangalore, the Kingfisher Airlines started

Kingfisher Airline

operations on 9th may 2005, following the lease of 4 Airbus 320 aircraft. Recognized with

its colourful logo of Kingfisher bird emblazoned on the tails of all the aircrafts,

Kingfisher Airlines main vision is to deliver safe, value-based and enjoyable travel

experience to all its guest based on its core values of 'safety', 'service', 'happiness',

'accountability' and 'teamwork'. Kingfisher Airlines offers many exclusive services to its

passengers that include personal valet at the airport to assist in baggage handling and

boarding, personal and exclusive lounges with private space, refreshments and music at the

airport, audio and video on-demand accompanied with extra-wide personalized screens in the

aircraft, comfortable Sleeperette seats and a delicious three-course gourmet meal. Providing

cheap and discounted tickets, Kingfisher Airlines promises you a smooth and stress free air

journey, which is truly world class in every sense.

Kingfisher Fleet
Kingfisher Airline
Offering an unparagoned travel experience to its passengers, Kingfisher currently operates a

fleet of 11 brand new A320 aircrafts and connects 15 key business and leisure destinations

with more than 70 flights daily across India. It is the first airline in India to a have

signed a contract with Airbus for A380 and A350. Kingfisher Airlines has placed an order for

5 A380, 5 Airbus A350-800 aircraft and 5 Airbus A330-200 aircrafts that is valued at over $3

billion. Kingfisher Airlines in the short span of time has firmly established itself as a

market leader while setting new service benchmarks.

For Further Details click  KINGFISHER AIRLINES

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License Examination Goes Online and Crash Course on AME examinations

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Cheers to all Aircraft Maintenance Engineering students. A days back while i was surfing for online examinations, luckily  i found this Online test tool. As i found it, i was  so excited to keep you this information to the nearest time.

All AME aspirants can now make use of this Golden opportunity, its like short  Aircraft Maintenance Engineering examination crash course on net. This is an online test preparation tool for and Avation Maintenance Technicians to prepare for the  A.M.E LICENSE exams conducted by the DGCA of India . is AME online mock test tool is for the benefit of those who aspire to clear DGCA's Aircraft Maintenance engineering lincense exams. provides all the necessary material and conducts mock test in advance to the AME license exams. This strengthening your preparation for the final license exams and of course building confidence.

Make sure to use this online AME license test tool to fullness and  prepare  well ahead of exams. I believe that a good preparation is half success for any journey and specially for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering  exams it is much needed. Our times there was not this situation. We hardly use to find any AME examination material or tools.

You are more fortunate enough for this AME license online test tool. And last but not least to say this tool is free to use, only you need is to registered on this site and next everything is free.
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering exams are due on FEB 2010.

Here is the link im providing. CLICK HERE   DGCA LICENSE EXAM

Wishing you all the Best ...

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List of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering colleges in India and Eligibility for AME

 The list of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) institutes in the country which got approval from Director General of Civil Aviation( DGCA) India to impart training for obtaining basic license in various categories (mechanical/avionic streams).

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering colleges

 The entry level qualification and eligibility for admission into training school is 10+2 with an aggregate of 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or a Diploma in related branch. The age of the candidate should be not less than 17 years. The training entitles the candidate to appear for AME licence examination conducted by DGCA.The AME License Examination will be conducted by DGCA thrice a year. The first one in the month of February, the second one in the month of June and the third one in the month of October every year.

 There is also provision available to appear for DGCA examinations without undergoing the above stated training by enrolling himself/herself as an apprentice in any of the DGCA approved aviation maintenance organization. But the eligibility requirements are same as in training schools. However, it is always advisable for a fresher to undergo the theoretical as well as practical training imparted from a DGCA approved training school only, to acquire basic knowledge and necessary skills in order to qualify for DGCA's AME licence examinations. 

The list is updated on July  05, 2007 and it includes a total of  70 institutes from all over India.
The list includes Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Institution name, address, and their scope of approval.

1. Aeronautical Training Institute Lucknow Airport,
Lucknow (U.P.), (INDIA)
a) Light Airplane (LA)
b) Piston Engine (PE)
c) Heavy Airplane(HA)
d) Jet Engine (JE)
2. Alpine Institute of Aeronautics Nanda ki Chowki, Prem Nagar, Dehra Dun,
a) Light Aircraft (LA)
b) Piston Engine (PE)
c) Jet Engine(JE)
d) Electrical System (ES)
e) Instrument System (IS)
f) Radio Navigation (RN)
3. Azad Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering Kanpur Road, Post Chandraval, Near
CRPF Camp, Lucknow
a) Piston Engine (PE)
b) Electrical System (ES)
c) Instrument System (IS)
d) Radio Navigation ( RN )
4. Budha Institute of Engineering and Aeronautics 1, Naresh Park Extension, Main Nazafgarh
Road, Nagloi, New Delhi - 110041
a) Jet Engine(JE)
5. Center for Civil Aviation Training Block-A, Sector- 8, Opp -CRPF Camp,
Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075
a) Jet Engine (JE)
b) Heavy Airplane(HA)
c) Radio Navigation (RN)
d) Electrical system (ES)
e) Instrument System (IS)
6. Academy of Aviation Engineering No. 38-39, Prestige Enclave, Bettahalasur
cross, 3 KM after Yelahanka Air Force
Station, BB road, NH-7, Bangalore- 562157
a)Light Airplane (LA)
b) Piston Engine (PE)
c) Jet Engine(JE)
c) Radio Navigation(RN)
d) Electrical system (ES)
e) Instrument system (IS)
7. Andhra Pradesh Aviation Academy Government of Andhra Pradesh, Old
Airport, Hyderabad- 500011
a)Light Airplane (LA)
b) Piston Engine (PE)
c) Radio Navigation(RN)
d) Electrical system (ES)
e) Instrument system (IS)
8. Coimbatore Aeronautical College Coimbatore 1) Mechanical stream (Aeroplane and
Powerplants) –comprising of Light
Aeroplanes (LA), Heavy Aeroplanes (HA),
Piston Engine (PE) and Jet Engine (JE).
9. Flytech Aviation Academy Road No. 10,
Maredpally West,
Hyderabad (AP), INDIA
a)Light Airplane (LA)
b)Piston Engine (PE)
c) Heavy Aeroplane(HA)
d) Jet Engine(JE)
e)Electrical System (ES)
f)Instrument System (IS)
g)Radio Navigation (RN)
10. Hindustan Aviation Academy P.B. No. 3776,
Marathahally Post,
Bangalore-560 037
a)Light Airplane (LA)
b) Piston Engine (PE)
c) Radio Navigation (RN)

Download the complete list of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering schools click here  DGCA

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course(AME) are structured to enroll students with no previous experience

  Generally Aircraft Maintenance Engineering(AME) course is structured to enroll students with no previous experience in the aircraft maintenance trade and enrich them with the necessary knowledge and skills to get entry into aircraft maintenance work with scheduled operators and airliners. Their in maintenance hangers students are employed as an apprenticee and further acquiring necessary maintenance experience, students are now eligible to obtain license(for Indian students Basic Aircraft Maintenance Training Certificate(BAMEC license) is issued by the DGCA of India) upon successful completion of written examination conducted by respective Regulatory Authorities of that Country. A BAMEC license holder finds work as Aircraft Maintenance Technicians leading to an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details:
 The course duration is 3 years,(6 semesters) of which 2 1/2 years (5 Semesters) is of full time studies on theory discussion, lessons are imparted for servicing and maintenance of aircraft to ensure flight safety and  followed by basics hands-on practical maintenance training in workshops. Last 1/2 year (1 Semester) students gains live aircraft experience. Some reputed colleges and institutions provide actual flying exposure to their students for better understanding of aircraft and aircraft components,systems. On successful completion of the whole course, students are awarded a final certificate by the college.
Director General of Civil Aviation

  An AME license is obtain from the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Ministry of Civil Aviation Government of India to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in the country. This course is not a degree course, but a license based course, to be imparted only by DGCA approved and recognized institutes.

Basic qualification: Pass in 10+2/ Hsc/PUC/CBSE/ICSE with 50% marks aggregate in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or 3 Years Diploma with 50% marks in any branch of engineering in some cases. Total training cost will be around Rs.1.5 lakh.
Salary: The salary may start from around Rs.20k to 40k and may go up to 1.2 lakhs per month based on experience and skills.

DGCA Exam: The AME License Examination will be conducted by DGCA thrice a year. The first one in the month of February, the second one in the month of June and the third one in the month of October every year.Syllabus is prescribed and monitored by the DGCA Govt. of India. Syllabus covers in-depth and wide range of topics on aircraft  systems. Aerodynamics remains the core subject in the whole course.

 The first year of AME training course provides basic information about aircraft rules and regulations. In the second year, students learn general engineering and maintenance. The subjects taught include aerodynamics or theory of flight, metallurgy, electronics, handling sophisticated equipments and practical work in machine rooms and on aircraft engines. In the third year, the study focuses on specific areas like light aircraft, heavy aircraft, piston engines, jet engines or helicopters.

 Apart from this, trainees are required to undergo structured aircraft type courses in mechanical or avionics stream. After successful completion of the training programme, the trainees will get a Basic Aircraft Maintenance Training Certificate(BAMEC license). This is followed by an examination conducted by the DGCA.

Those who qualify the exam will be awarded a license to service aircraft. The three-year training is sufficient for appearing for the aircraft maintenance licensing examinations. After getting the DGCA-AME license, one is required to obtain regulatory license or approval on a type of aircraft.

If it is an Airbus or Boeing, one has to obtain an individual license to service that particular type of aircraft. Aircraft maintenance engineers are authorized to inspect the aircraft and certify its fitness.

In this article you got a detailed familiarization on AME course, next post is regarding training institutions providing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course in India.

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An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer(AME) is a blend of mechanical aptitude and technical skills

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 An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) is a person authorized to maintain and certify in written airworthiness standards of an aircraft. An AME should possess high degree of responsibility and accuracy of mechanical aptitude and technical skills to undertake such responsibility and uplift that kind of maintenance work on any aircraft.

AMEs Responsibilities: 
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)
  •  Certifying the airworthiness of airframe, piston and turbine engines, electrical/electronics systems, propellers and rotary systems
  • To carry out periodic inspections and troubleshooting aircraft structural, mechanical or electrical systems to identify problems
  • Repairing systems within the tolerance limits according to specifications, technical drawings, manuals and established procedures
  • Repairing and overhauling aircraft structural, mechanical or electrical systems
  • Installing or modifying aircraft engines, mechanical, hydraulic,electrical, flight control, fuel and pneumatic systems
  • Dismantling airframes, aircraft engines or other aircraft systems for repair, overhaul, inspection and reassembly
  • Supervising, performing and documenting routine maintenance
  • AMEs generally work regular office hours, but may sometimes work overtime hours when deadlines arise.
AMEs Personal Characteristics:
  •  Good eyesight and hearing
  •  Good observation skills and an ability to concentrate for longer periods of time and strong problem-solving skills
  •  Good hand-eye coordination along with accurate to the smallest details
  •  Good team work coordination and make decisions independently, often under pressure
  • A must physical fitness and stamina to work for extended period of times
  • The ability to get hold of situation and to follow instructions provided in written or blueprint form, and to interpret the same
  • Good management and organizational skills
  • A self motivator, a keen interest on latest trends in Aviation is appreciable
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineers should be able to visualize problems in three dimensions form and have the knack of selecting the right kind of tools, equipments and machinery to perform task requiring high degree of precision, analyzing data and troubleshooting snags and organized methods for theirs work.

    AMEs Pay Check:

     An AME plays a vital role in engineering discipline in aviation organization and by virtue of big responsibilities involved in maintaining aircraft, an AME is high ranked, drawing excellent pay and perks (usually between$45,000 and $55,000 plus per year) and enjoying good facilities. A well structured career progression is ensured for an AME. With a type of rated license and experience, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer assumes very high positions like Chief Managers Maintenance Dept., Chief Manager Quality Control and General Managers, and finally can be positioned as a Head of the Engineering services and they receive pay between $120,000 and $145,000 plus per year.
    Here the dreams are unlimited. Give your dreams a wing to catch and soar into new heights of success.
    Up Up All The Way ...

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    Happy AME!

    Aircraft Maintenance Engineering as a career: Sky IsThe Limit

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    Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's (AMEs) Career:

     Maintaining aircraft is a highly specialized job that requires precise technical knowledge and mechanical skills.Depending upon license certification and experience you entry as a technician or as an AME. 
    Initially choosing carefully area of specialization is very important, you have option to choose mechanical or avionics stream. 

    Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
    By acquiring a variety of engine and/or avionic system licenses, an AME improves their prospects of employment.Further the AME's are divided as a Line Maintenance Engineers and Flight Engineers depending on your type of license and expertise. Regular travel may not be part of the deal, but some aircraft maintenance engineers do lead an exciting life moving with aircraft, ensuring airworthy standards and safety of aircraft around flights.

    Different Areas Of  AMEs Maintenance:

     Depending on their area of specialization and rated license, an aircraft maintenance engineer will inspect, maintain and/or repair the airframe and engine systems, the electrical and instrument systems, or the body of the aircraft. Alternatively, they may choose to work on sections of the aircraft only (rather than on the aircraft as a whole) overhauling, repairing and modifying components in a workshop. These tradespeople are often referred to as 'aircraft mechanics or technicians' who, traditionally, have not been subject to licensing. Upon completion of license these trade mechanics ranked as senior AMEs. Over a period of time, AMEs are ranked as chief engineers and line maintenance managers, and are responsible of supervising and maintaining airworthy standards in and around work place.


     On the aircraft, an aircraft maintenance engineer may maintain, inspect and rectifying the defects of landing gear, brakes, hydraulic systems, instrument and radio systems, autopilot, integrated flight or radar systems, environmental control systems or fire detection and prevention systems. Or they may carry out a variety of metal forming or joining processes using hand or power tools to produce or repair aircraft sheet-metal.

      AMEs in workshop, will be overhauling, testing and modifying airframe and engine components, gas turbines or piston engines, pneumatic and hydraulic devices, power distribution systems, or radio communications and navigation system components.

     'There's more variety in general aviation. You get to work on big and small, as well as new and old aircraft and there's more happening in terms of new developments - small turbine engines are getting smaller and better, and in avionics (radio) things are really changing.'

    Sky Is The Limit

     Students have the opportunity to seek employment with various airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and repair/overhaul facilities in heavy maintenance hangers called as MRO's(Maintenance Repair Overhaul).

      The aviation industry is taking off, creating an unprecedented demand for trained Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.The work of aircraft maintenance engineer may not be exiting and glamorous but aircraft maintenance engineers are just as vital to the aviation industry. Without AMEs you can't even imagine to fly. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are the nuts and bolts of aviation.
    Are you passionate about aviation and always questioned, how an object sustains in air and like challenges, then  you made the right choice.
    Spread your Wings Sky Is The Limit ...

     In this article i made an effort to familiarize you, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering as a career and its nature of work.Next post relates to what it needs to be a successful AME and salary packages in industry.

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    Happy AME !

    Aircraft Maintenance Engineers(AMEs) are Certified Licensed Engineers

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    Aircraft Maintenance Engineering:
    Aircraft Maintenance Engineers(AMEs) are certified licensed engineers and registered under the Aviation Regulating Authority of that country (India it is DGCA). AMEs ensures the safety of an aircraft and are responsible for the release(certification) of aircraft after routine maintenance along with monitoring the condition of an aircraft and rectifying the snags or defects occurred during the flights. A qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer certifies that the aircraft, engines and components are fit for flight and is airworthy to fly without any jeopardize.
    Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

     In Aviation safety remains the biggest concern. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers will carryout periodic inspections and recognize the defects and fixing the problems. AMEs keep a log of  all repair parts and work done on an aircraft. AMEs work is not as glamorous as being a pilot's, but Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are vital to the aviation industry. You can't think or fly without AMEs.

      In this article i introduced, who and what is AME? In next post there is lot more to know about AMEs career and scope of work.
    Keep hitting on me, catch soon ..,

     Happy AME !

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    About Me

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    Hi there for every aspiring soul, who made an exciting and the most challenged decision to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer(AMEs). In search of AME you have come to the right blog.

    I started this blog to provide in and outs about Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and guide you in the path to become an successful Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.
    On Air, Pilot is the captain for aircraft and Maintenance Engineer's are the captains on ground. Without nut and bolts, no aircraft will ever takeoff  from the runway.

    Blog collects most happenings in Aviation field, jobs related to aviation industry. It will act as a key to success.

    Keep hitting on me...

    Happy AME!

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