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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course(AME) are structured to enroll students with no previous experience

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  Generally Aircraft Maintenance Engineering(AME) course is structured to enroll students with no previous experience in the aircraft maintenance trade and enrich them with the necessary knowledge and skills to get entry into aircraft maintenance work with scheduled operators and airliners. Their in maintenance hangers students are employed as an apprenticee and further acquiring necessary maintenance experience, students are now eligible to obtain license(for Indian students Basic Aircraft Maintenance Training Certificate(BAMEC license) is issued by the DGCA of India) upon successful completion of written examination conducted by respective Regulatory Authorities of that Country. A BAMEC license holder finds work as Aircraft Maintenance Technicians leading to an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details:
 The course duration is 3 years,(6 semesters) of which 2 1/2 years (5 Semesters) is of full time studies on theory discussion, lessons are imparted for servicing and maintenance of aircraft to ensure flight safety and  followed by basics hands-on practical maintenance training in workshops. Last 1/2 year (1 Semester) students gains live aircraft experience. Some reputed colleges and institutions provide actual flying exposure to their students for better understanding of aircraft and aircraft components,systems. On successful completion of the whole course, students are awarded a final certificate by the college.
Director General of Civil Aviation

  An AME license is obtain from the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Ministry of Civil Aviation Government of India to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in the country. This course is not a degree course, but a license based course, to be imparted only by DGCA approved and recognized institutes.

Basic qualification: Pass in 10+2/ Hsc/PUC/CBSE/ICSE with 50% marks aggregate in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or 3 Years Diploma with 50% marks in any branch of engineering in some cases. Total training cost will be around Rs.1.5 lakh.
Salary: The salary may start from around Rs.20k to 40k and may go up to 1.2 lakhs per month based on experience and skills.

DGCA Exam: The AME License Examination will be conducted by DGCA thrice a year. The first one in the month of February, the second one in the month of June and the third one in the month of October every year.Syllabus is prescribed and monitored by the DGCA Govt. of India. Syllabus covers in-depth and wide range of topics on aircraft  systems. Aerodynamics remains the core subject in the whole course.

 The first year of AME training course provides basic information about aircraft rules and regulations. In the second year, students learn general engineering and maintenance. The subjects taught include aerodynamics or theory of flight, metallurgy, electronics, handling sophisticated equipments and practical work in machine rooms and on aircraft engines. In the third year, the study focuses on specific areas like light aircraft, heavy aircraft, piston engines, jet engines or helicopters.

 Apart from this, trainees are required to undergo structured aircraft type courses in mechanical or avionics stream. After successful completion of the training programme, the trainees will get a Basic Aircraft Maintenance Training Certificate(BAMEC license). This is followed by an examination conducted by the DGCA.

Those who qualify the exam will be awarded a license to service aircraft. The three-year training is sufficient for appearing for the aircraft maintenance licensing examinations. After getting the DGCA-AME license, one is required to obtain regulatory license or approval on a type of aircraft.

If it is an Airbus or Boeing, one has to obtain an individual license to service that particular type of aircraft. Aircraft maintenance engineers are authorized to inspect the aircraft and certify its fitness.

In this article you got a detailed familiarization on AME course, next post is regarding training institutions providing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course in India.

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