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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License issued by the DGCA , is recognized in Middle East Countries?

Thursday , Posted by AME at 6:02 AM

 A student of  Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India and want to work in Emirates Airlines or GAMCO or Saudi Arabia any other Gulf  Aircraft Maintenance Companies. Is DGCA recognized in middle east countries?
Emirates Airline's A340-500 @RJBBImage by double-h
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

This is the common query, all AME students has,

" I am currently undergoing an apprentice program in India. will my license be recognized or do i have to appear for examinations there"?

The U.A.E  GCAA will almost certainly not validate it, and they also have a policy where they

reserve the right not to validate any aircraft maintenance engineering license that is under 5
years old. So even if you do finish you apprenticeship, and even if they were to have a goodday

and accept an aircraft maintenance enginering license from India you may yet fall into the 5
years license holder rules.

If you do want to work in say Dubai and look for a position with Emirates I would suggest that
you may want to look for a technicians position there and sit you GCAA exams as you can.

I don't want to sound too harsh or mean here but I would also suggest that you brush up on you
written English. If you were to answer an exam question in English using the standard you demonstrate above you really will fail, regardless of the content of the answer.

 That said good luck in making your way into the bigger world

 Requirements for GCAA exams - experience ...if any?

 To eligible the GCAA exams, have 3.5 years experience appropriate to the category that you have applied for, be over 21 and pay 200dhs for the exam.

 When you apply they will ask for your training certificates and a record of experience,logbook

and make sure DGCA is recognized there, because ON JOB TRAINING has to be done at a DGCA recognised country.


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  1. Hi, My name is Ashwin. I am a fresher and at the final stage of completion of my training in KINGFISHER AIRLINES. I will grateful if I am getting an opportunity to work in your reputed organization. Please reach me at

  1. Labeeb says:

    I am Labeeb Abdulla. I have completed OJT in india and i have no papers from Dgca. Can i appear gcaa license exams there? Pls reply to

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