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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's Health is at Risk: Pleural Cancer among People Employed in Aircraft Industry.

Sunday , Posted by AME at 4:58 AM

A nose wheel and landing gear assembly for a B...Image by The Library of Congress

 Mesothelioma- A cancer is affected to among people worked in aircraft maintenance section.

 Studies reveal an increased mortality for Pleural cancer among people employed in Aircraft Industry.

 Maintenance people employed in aircraft maintenance repair work,including people landing gear maintenance section, particularly brake replacement section, are prone to asbestos disease(Pleural Mesothelioma).

 In aircraft construction a variety of toxic substances are used. Mainly Asbestos-containing materials were present in various aircraft components. By weight ranging from 16-23% asbestos are high in the brake unites.

 Regarding aircraft maintenance-repair, further mesothelioma cases have been observed in Italy in this branch, besides the present one. In 1996, a pleural mesothelioma was histological diagnosed at the Rome University in a 62-year-old man who had worked as an aircraft mechanic at the Rome airport for 35 years.

 An aeronautical engineer died, treated by right pleuropneumonectomy for mesothelioma in October 2003, and died for mesothelioma recurrence 11 months later.

 As i read this,a jerk came out of me. I have done my on-job training in maintenance section in AirIndia and most of the period worked in brake replacement unit...

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