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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Aviation

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers(AMEs) are Certified Licensed Engineers

Friday , Posted by AME at 5:44 AM

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering:
Aircraft Maintenance Engineers(AMEs) are certified licensed engineers and registered under the Aviation Regulating Authority of that country (India it is DGCA). AMEs ensures the safety of an aircraft and are responsible for the release(certification) of aircraft after routine maintenance along with monitoring the condition of an aircraft and rectifying the snags or defects occurred during the flights. A qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer certifies that the aircraft, engines and components are fit for flight and is airworthy to fly without any jeopardize.
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

 In Aviation safety remains the biggest concern. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers will carryout periodic inspections and recognize the defects and fixing the problems. AMEs keep a log of  all repair parts and work done on an aircraft. AMEs work is not as glamorous as being a pilot's, but Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are vital to the aviation industry. You can't think or fly without AMEs.

  In this article i introduced, who and what is AME? In next post there is lot more to know about AMEs career and scope of work.
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