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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering as a career: Sky IsThe Limit

Monday , Posted by AME at 3:59 AM

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's (AMEs) Career:

 Maintaining aircraft is a highly specialized job that requires precise technical knowledge and mechanical skills.Depending upon license certification and experience you entry as a technician or as an AME. 
Initially choosing carefully area of specialization is very important, you have option to choose mechanical or avionics stream. 
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
By acquiring a variety of engine and/or avionic system licenses, an AME improves their prospects of employment.Further the AME's are divided as a Line Maintenance Engineers and Flight Engineers depending on your type of license and expertise. Regular travel may not be part of the deal, but some aircraft maintenance engineers do lead an exciting life moving with aircraft, ensuring airworthy standards and safety of aircraft around flights.

Different Areas Of  AMEs Maintenance:

 Depending on their area of specialization and rated license, an aircraft maintenance engineer will inspect, maintain and/or repair the airframe and engine systems, the electrical and instrument systems, or the body of the aircraft. Alternatively, they may choose to work on sections of the aircraft only (rather than on the aircraft as a whole) overhauling, repairing and modifying components in a workshop. These tradespeople are often referred to as 'aircraft mechanics or technicians' who, traditionally, have not been subject to licensing. Upon completion of license these trade mechanics ranked as senior AMEs. Over a period of time, AMEs are ranked as chief engineers and line maintenance managers, and are responsible of supervising and maintaining airworthy standards in and around work place.


 On the aircraft, an aircraft maintenance engineer may maintain, inspect and rectifying the defects of landing gear, brakes, hydraulic systems, instrument and radio systems, autopilot, integrated flight or radar systems, environmental control systems or fire detection and prevention systems. Or they may carry out a variety of metal forming or joining processes using hand or power tools to produce or repair aircraft sheet-metal.

  AMEs in workshop, will be overhauling, testing and modifying airframe and engine components, gas turbines or piston engines, pneumatic and hydraulic devices, power distribution systems, or radio communications and navigation system components.

 'There's more variety in general aviation. You get to work on big and small, as well as new and old aircraft and there's more happening in terms of new developments - small turbine engines are getting smaller and better, and in avionics (radio) things are really changing.'

Sky Is The Limit

 Students have the opportunity to seek employment with various airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and repair/overhaul facilities in heavy maintenance hangers called as MRO's(Maintenance Repair Overhaul).

  The aviation industry is taking off, creating an unprecedented demand for trained Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.The work of aircraft maintenance engineer may not be exiting and glamorous but aircraft maintenance engineers are just as vital to the aviation industry. Without AMEs you can't even imagine to fly. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are the nuts and bolts of aviation.
Are you passionate about aviation and always questioned, how an object sustains in air and like challenges, then  you made the right choice.
Spread your Wings Sky Is The Limit ...

 In this article i made an effort to familiarize you, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering as a career and its nature of work.Next post relates to what it needs to be a successful AME and salary packages in industry.

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Happy AME !

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