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Kingfisher Airlines

Wednesday , Posted by AME at 4:06 AM

About Kingfisher Airline
Owned by the India's biggest liquor baron, Mr Vijay Mallya, Kingfisher Airlines is one of

the finest luxury airlines of India. Based in Bangalore, the Kingfisher Airlines started
Kingfisher Airline

operations on 9th may 2005, following the lease of 4 Airbus 320 aircraft. Recognized with

its colourful logo of Kingfisher bird emblazoned on the tails of all the aircrafts,

Kingfisher Airlines main vision is to deliver safe, value-based and enjoyable travel

experience to all its guest based on its core values of 'safety', 'service', 'happiness',

'accountability' and 'teamwork'. Kingfisher Airlines offers many exclusive services to its

passengers that include personal valet at the airport to assist in baggage handling and

boarding, personal and exclusive lounges with private space, refreshments and music at the

airport, audio and video on-demand accompanied with extra-wide personalized screens in the

aircraft, comfortable Sleeperette seats and a delicious three-course gourmet meal. Providing

cheap and discounted tickets, Kingfisher Airlines promises you a smooth and stress free air

journey, which is truly world class in every sense.

Kingfisher Fleet
Kingfisher Airline
Offering an unparagoned travel experience to its passengers, Kingfisher currently operates a

fleet of 11 brand new A320 aircrafts and connects 15 key business and leisure destinations

with more than 70 flights daily across India. It is the first airline in India to a have

signed a contract with Airbus for A380 and A350. Kingfisher Airlines has placed an order for

5 A380, 5 Airbus A350-800 aircraft and 5 Airbus A330-200 aircrafts that is valued at over $3

billion. Kingfisher Airlines in the short span of time has firmly established itself as a

market leader while setting new service benchmarks.

For Further Details click  KINGFISHER AIRLINES

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  1. Usama Azeem says:

    He loved her for almost everything she was & she decided that was enough to let him stay for a very long time.
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  1. Nidhi Rajput says:

    Hello Sir I want Kingfisher Airlines Customer Careas I want to register a complaint. Will be thankful enough if you can provide me that.

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