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Today is American ThanksGiving Day - Black Friday Shopping Tips

Thursday , Posted by AME at 9:22 AM

The Ultimate Tips To Make Shopping During The Black Friday

Today is American thanksgiving so I wanted to take a moment to
share with you some of the most important realizations in my life regarding
this idea of being thankful...

In our quest for "more" we often forget how great and precious what
we already have is. And what's the point of getting more if you can't get
enjoyment out of what you have? That's a pretty strong demotivator if you
ask me...

We often spend so much time in the unhealthy zone of envy or lack.
What we don't have and would like to have. What other's have that we don't...
And we often tend to measure ourselves so cruelly:

When we set goals, we look to the ideal we want to reach. And all too often,
we make the terrible mistake of judging our accomplishments thus far
against that ideal.

Not only can we never win in that scenario, but we are doomed to
come up short 100% of the time. Not much of a life...

The trick is to measure backwards. Look where you came from and
where you are now, that will always paint a more realistic and pleasant

What if you want to increase your happiness and gratitude, starting
right now?

It's easy!
     So, is black Friday really the best time to buy?

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It have become a the day where companies make big money. Retailers like Best Buy sell a lot.

I know a lot of people  enjoy holiday shopping due the discount and coupons that can be found during this period. Frankly, I’m not fond as people spend their money during the holiday shopping season. Anyway, despite I’m not a holiday shopper, it doesn’t means you don’t like buy on Black Friday.

So, if you’re going to shop today, I want to share some useful tips that will help you make your holiday shopping less stressful, easier, and more successful.
Best Tips To Shop On Black Friday

1. Make a plan - Without a plan, Black Friday becomes a hectic day. I’ll suggest to don’t go to shop without a list in hand. This is the best way to have all your offers in the same place, and make you take a decision quickly.

2. Shop from home – Today, many of discount offered by retailers on Black Friday are available online. Sites like,, and are the perfect place to find which stores have the best deal to your needs. also provides blackfriday offers.

3. Get Social – Being most retailers have a Facebook(this is the page of Best Buy and Twitter account, I’ll suggest to join to their network. Often they provide coupons and discounts on some products and you could get some interesting deals.

4. Know when retailers are opening – Know the store hours is become important when it comes to grab the best deals. If you wait until the last minute and your order happens to arrive damaged, you don’t have time to send it back and replace it with something else.

5. Use credit card – Often buy with Credit Cards can give you more benefit then buy without it. Credit card that gets rewards let you rack up the point while you shop. Lowcards ranked the best retail rewards credit cards on the market.

    Capital One Spark Cash
    Capital One Spark Miles
    New Ink Cash Business from Chase
    Ink Classic Business from Chase
    The Plum Card from American Express
    CitiBusiness World MasterCard

So, let me know if will you be shopping on Black Friday. If so, will in the stores early or online only?

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