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Design Your Own Plane: With the Proper Lift, Drag, And Fuel Efficiency

Wednesday , Posted by AME at 9:45 PM

Design Your Own Aircraft
Your Mission: Design A Plane With the Proper Lift, Drag, And Fuel Efficiency To Make It From One Landing Strip To Another.

Aviation company GE Aviation has added a simple and yet fun “Design Your Own Plane” game to their website.  In this game you can experiment with different wing, engine and fuselage options to try to build an optimum airplane.  Then, when you think you’ve come up with the perfect plane, click a button and watch it fly.  Or not.  (My first one did not!)

Designing an airplane is not easy. You have to know aerodynamics, physics, and how to balance lift, drag, and engine fuel efficiency so that they all work together. No, designing an airplan is not easy task. Unless you have our little design application, then it's a walk in the park. If a couple of guys in a silent film can do it, surely you can, too. Give it a try!

Design Your Own Aircraft

Do not attempt to design, build, or fly a full-scale aircraft using any data from this game.

Share your experience after your successful Flight:) through commenting.

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