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Pilot Jobs in Srilankan Airlines

Sunday , Posted by AME at 10:58 PM

For most people, Sri Lanka is a dream destination. For you, it could be home.

Enjoy the benefits of job security, renewable contracts, stable roster patterns, Commuting roster on wide body aircraft, excellent healthcare, loss-of-license insurance, a competitive tax-free monthly remuneration package inclusive of type and housing allowance, end of service bonus and employer contribution, allowances for meals and child education, mixed fleet flying facilities for Commanders and of course a summer that lasts 365 days.

Minimum qualifications:

Rated Captains on A340/A330/A320 should have a minimum of 5500 Hrs with 1000 P1 Hrs on each aircraft type.
Rated First Officers on A340/A330/A320 should have 500 P2 Hrs on each aircraft type.
ICAO/JAA/CPL can be considered with a low salary package.

License requirements:
A valid ATPL acceptable to the Sri Lankan Licensing Authority.
The License and Class 1 Medical must be current and under one Authority.

CV's should be e-mailed to

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