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American Airlines Careers: is Seeking Aviation Maintenance Technicians

Wednesday , Posted by AME at 2:03 AM

*Aviation Maintenance Technician - Line - ORD-1102194

American Airlines is seeking candidates for full-time Aviation Maintenance Technician-Line to work at Chicago Airport. Comprehensive Benefit Package provided and airline travel privileges at an hourly rate of $14.74 plus license premium of $5 .

The responsibilities of an Aviation Maintenance Technician include the following: troubleshooting, individually or with Crew Chief, management or professional direction, disassembly, checking and cleaning, repairing, replacing, testing, adjusting, assembling, installing, servicing, fabricating, taxing or towing airplanes and/or run-up engines, de-icing aircraft, required to maintain the air worthiness of aircraft and all their components while in service or while undergoing overhaul and/or modification.  Certifies for quality of own workmanship, including signing mechanical flight releases for all work done on field work.  In those work positions where stock chasers are not utilized and/or available at the time may chase own parts.  May have other Mechanic personnel assigned to assist him/her in completing an assignment.  Works according to FAA and Company regulations and procedures and instructions from Crew Chief or supervisor.  Completes forms connected with work assignments according to established procedures and communicates with other Company personnel as required in a manner designated by the Company.

Performs the following duties as assigned:
cleaning of aircraft windshields; connecting/removing ground power and ground start units; pushing out/towing of aircraft and related guideman functions, fueling/defueling, de-icing of aircraft.

    High School diploma or GED
    Valid driver's license
    Verifiable, hands-on experience of the actual time spent in the repair, maintenance, overhaul or manufacture of aircraft required
        24 months on aircraft with a gross weight of 70,000 lbs (including fuel) or engines with 15,000 lbs or more of thrust
        48 months on aircraft with gross weight between 12,500 lbs & 70,000 lbs (including fuel) or engines with 5,000 lbs to 15,000 lbs of thrust
    Airframe and Power Plant (A&P) License (Must provide license number and date of issue during application process)
    Ability to work rotating shifts including weekends, holidays, and days-off
    Must fulfill FAA criminal background checks to qualify for unescorted access privileges to airport security identification display areas (SIDA)
    Must be able to secure appropriate airport authority and/or US Customs security badges

* This job is subject to Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing.  Your previous employers will be contacted to verify if you had any DOT drug violations and/or refusals to test for drugs or alcohol in the previous two year period.  Your DOT required urine specimen will be tested for the following substances: Cocaine, Marijuana, PCP, Amphetamines and Opiates.
* Travel to the interview and any subsequent relocation expenses are the responsibility of the candidate.

Job: OP-Aircraft Mechanics
Primary Location: US-IL-Chicago
Job Posting: Jul 26, 2011
: 06 Aug 2011 10:29:00
Equal Opportunity Employer: American Airlines is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Work Schedule*: Full-Time

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  1. Blue b says:

    This is a great offer by the American Airline that give the opportunities of Aircraft Mechanic Jobs in their reputed organization.

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