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Pilot and AME License Exam Go Online with the name Vimanic: DGCA

Sunday , Posted by AME at 12:19 PM

DGCA confirms Pilot's and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License Exam will be Online
The recent pilot's license scam that rocked the Indian civil aviation sector, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has decided to launch the first ever online examination system for the issuance of the pilot and aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) licenses with the name "Vimanic". The venture has been launched with the National Informatics Centre (NIC).

A candidate appearing for the exam must be logged his "password" and "PIN" number on the screen. After login, the candidate must confirm his name and number of the computer, the question paper and a reference code and subject. "Take a few deep breaths, and then click" start test "," DGCA said. The exam will comprise multiple choice questions.

"There is a facility for any of the candidates to raise objections, if found some incorrect both in its multiple choice questions or answers, however, candidates can choose to answer the most appropriate answer choice by clicking in the answer place, candidates may request" an “objection slip” "from the Controller of Examination,, fill out the required information and submit the same controller to complete the exam on completion of exam,” the DGCA has stated.

The DGCA  decided to launch the online exam  for recent pilot scam, when the fraud was discovered recently to obtain a pilot license falsified marksheets submitted to the DGCA  Administration. True marksheets were obtained from a wing of the DGCA, and then falsified the help of suspected touted, and then submitted to the DGCA  Administration of the other wing. Now the DGCA  Administration of unified database to ensure that such things can not happen again. DGCA Secretary then decided that the online examination system will be an effective tool to combat corruption.

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