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Become a Pilot and Earn Employment Eligibility just Six Months

Saturday , Posted by AME at 9:03 AM

Flight Academy of New Orleans
Flight Academy of New Orleans training Indian students, in line with the Civil Aviation Administration requirements.

Associates of Science in Professional Aeronautics

The associates program plans to prepare the students the necessary skills and academic knowledge of entry-level positions in commercial aviation. In the Professional aviation program students will learn entry-level skills and expertise in these areas of the pilot community and the student will become a qualified FAA Commercial Pilot.

You can become a pilot and earn full employment eligibility just six months. Program take care of everything.

This is the premier flight school class in New Orleans and the southern United States. School recommend a good proof of  flight training facility. Have a team, well-equipped, well-maintained aircraft, and is ready to serve you.

Minimum requirements to enroll

    10+2 with Math and Physics
    For issuance of Commercial Pilot certificate, applicant must be 18 years of age.
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