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Avionics Jobs - Gulfstream Experience Preferred

Tuesday , Posted by AME at 7:01 AM

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Job Details in Avionics
Category:     Avionics
Region:     International
Hours per Week:     40
Order Type:     TEMP
Branch Name:     JP Technical USA

Position Purpose:
Plan and coordinate all electrical/avionics activities and work with existing maintenance team on customers aircraft to meet aircraft schedules, repairs, parts, components shipped to vendors, etc.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
Essential Functions:
    Coordinate efforts of Electrical and Avionics activities for scheduled and unscheduled Computerized Maintenance Program (CMP) tasks to meet aircraft schedules and deadlines.
    Supervise and instruct a small team with technical guidance and proper procedures of trouble shooting electrical/avionics systems, routine inspections and preventive maintenance.
    Perform pre-flight/post-flight inspections to include ground handling operations.
    Review work, including forms and records, to ensure compliance with Site Inspection Procedures Manual, Site Operating Procedures and FAR’s.
     5.  Perform required periodic maintenance and necessary servicing of all aircraft mechanical systems.
    Follow standard operating procedures and Job Safe Analysis (JSA) when operating ground support equipment, such as power supply, hydraulic rigs, nitrogen and oxygen service carts.
    Maintain a preventive maintenance program on test equipment, hand tools, and special tools.
    Maintain a current knowledge of Aircraft Service Changes (ASC), Customer Bulletins, inspection schedule requirements, vendor information and all other procedures, publications and general knowledge pertaining to aircraft maintenance and servicing.
Additional Functions:
    Support a continuous safety program in hangar area which includes operation of support equipment, aircraft systems and general housekeeping.
    Must be able to obtain and hold government 'secret" clearance
    Perform other duties as required.
Operating Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities
Training & Education Requirements:
    High School graduate, GED or equivalent.
  FAA Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic Certificate Required
    Ability to plan, organize, implement and obtain objective with minimal direction.
    Possess strong communication skills.

Experience Requirements:
    4-6 years combined experience in inspection, maintenance or servicing of large/mid-size aircraft.
    Two (2) years of formal avionics/electrical training "Gulfstream Experience Preferred"

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