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Government Jobs in Aircraft Maintenance Enginering Field

Wednesday , Posted by AME at 8:50 AM

Requirement of Aircraft Maintenance Professionals is Increased

Aircraft maintenance Engineering is growing along with the growth of civil aviation industry because the need is essential for the maintenance of aircraft, if the number of aircraft to grow with the development of civil aviation industry.

Necessary professionals in the field of aircraft maintenance engineering has also increased, with the growth of this sector not only private companies in the commercial aviation industry, the government companies in this field recruit suitable candidates for the aircraft maintenance division.

Recent work notice:
Recently suitable candidates (i.e.) aircraft maintenance engineers were recruited by the following Government organizations:

• Pawan Hans Helicopters Limited
• Government of Jharkhand for Dhruv Helicopter project

Organizations recruiting candidates for aircraft maintenance field:
In addition to the above-mentioned notice of recent work, some companies often demand for aircraft maintenance engineers are:
• National Airport Authority
• Air India
• Indian Airlines
• National Aeronautical Laboratory

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    I m in my last sem of my AME corse.. how can i apply in KINGFisher or spicejet airlines for MY OJT..... pls help me... and pls guide me.. send mail at

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