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Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Companies in the UAE

Monday , Posted by AME at 8:14 AM

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Companies in the Middle East countries
The companies featured in this section provide third-party maintenance services (heavy and light maintenance) on airliners, helicopters, VIP and corporate aircraft in the Middle East .

List of Aircraft and Engine MRO companies in the UAE
Aerospace Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) companies and organizations in the UAE. Service offerings are:
Afr     Airframe maintenance
Eng    Engine & APU maintenance
Com  Component / systems maintenance
Avi     Avionics maintenance
Rep    Repair services
Int      Aircraft interiors MRO
Mod   Aircraft modification; pax to freight conversion
Hel     Helicopter MRO
Bus    Business / corporate aircraft MRO / FBO

  • Company: Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies - ADAT
  • City: Abu Dhabi 
  • Maintenance: Afr,Eng,Com,Rep,Int,Bus
  • Company: Abu Dhabi Aviation
  • City: Abu Dhabi 
  • Company: Aerostar Asset Management
  • City: Sharjah
  • Company: Emirates Airline Engineering
  • City:     Dubai
  • Maintenance: Afr,Eng,Avi,Int
  • Company: ExecuJet Middle East
  • City: Dubai
  • Maintenance: 
  • Company: Gamco Thales Systems
  • City: Abu Dhabi
  • Maintenance: Com
  • Company: Goodrich Customer Services
  • City: Dubai
  • Maintenance: Com
  • Company: Goodrich Interiors
  • City: Dubai
  • Maintenance: Int
  • Company:Hawker Pacific Avionics
  • City: Dubai
  • Maintenance: Avi
  • Company: Jet Aviation - Dubai
  • City: Dubai
  • Maintenance: Afr,Hel 
source: AirlineUpdate

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