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What is Aerospace Engineering and Career Scope?

Thursday , Posted by AME at 11:44 PM

Aerospace Engineer Job Description:
As an aerospace engineer, you could be working on a mission to the Orion space, which plans on putting astronauts on the moon by 2020. Or, you can be involved in developing a new generation of space telescopes,  the source of some of the most significant discovery of the universe. But the space is just one of many areas to explore, as an aerospace engineer. You could develop commercial airliners, military aircraft, helicopters, or  for our airways. And it becomes even more down to earth, you could design the latest land and sea transport, including high-speed trains, racing cars, or deep-sea vessels that explore life on the ocean floor.

Aerospace Engineers Working Projects:
  • Improving the safety of space shuttles
  • Building a more spacious passenger plane
  • The establishment of satellite detection of drought in parts of the world
  • Design robots to collect samples on other planets, showing a deep understanding of our Galaxy
  • Development of parachutes, using new materials to improve their performance.

Aerospace Engineer Salaries:
B.S. degree
$ 66,335
M.S. degree
$ 79,506
$ 95,025

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