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FAB’s F-5 Fighters Maintenance will be Certified by TAP Maintenance and Engineering Brazil

Tuesday , Posted by AME at 10:04 AM

TAP Maintenance and Engineering Brazil is Certified to Perform Maintenance on FAB’s F-5 Fighters

TAP Maintenance and Engineering Brazil

The F-5 is a fighter plane, manufactured by Northrop Grumman, of the United States, and used by the Brazilian Air Force and several other nations Armed Forces, including the United States, as a fighter pilot training aircraft and also to real operations of aerial superiority and ground attacks. The FAB is using this aircraft since 1974, and due to its quality and advanced performance platform, the Brazilian fleet was recently modernized in avionics and weapons systems, receiving the most up-to-date embedded technology.

In order to be certified to perform overhauls of these complex aircraft, TAP M&E Brazil needed to meet some technical requirements, such as to obtain the technical orders, specific tools, and special equipments, as well as to adapt the facilities and to organize a course entirely dedicated to train its engineers and technicians in the maintenance of such equipment. A group of 30 engineers and highly experienced technicians were graduated by an aircraft maintenance training school, with classes given by F-5 experts.

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