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About Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies

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Company details: Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies
Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies is a primary provider of aviation technical services for the commercial and military aviation industries. Launched in 2007 through the transformation of the former Gulf Aircraft Maintenance Company, we boast a heritage of world-class maintenance, repair and overhaul expertise.

Situated at the very heart of the of the world's most prolific aviation growth market, the Middle East's leading independent provider of maintenance, repair & overhaul services - and our regional strength is matched by an international client portfolio stretching from Iceland in the west to Sri Lanka in the east.Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies is a member of Mubadala Development Company, a strategic investment and development vehicle established and wholly-owned by the government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Current Avionic Job vacancies

Technician - Avionics Line Maintenance

Job Description
Basic Function:
The employee is responsible for accomplishing Avionics maintenance work on aircraft either as Line Maintenance or As a Flight Mechanic, all level of maintenance required

Duties & Responsibilities:
    Operates and tests aircraft avionics components.
    Operates and maintains ground support and test equipment.
    Documents all work performed in accordance with the approved procedures and Technical Data.
    Ensures all maintenance equipment and tools utilized during maintenance works are accounted for in accordance with approved procedures and Technical Data
    Interprets and clarifies Technical Data, manuals, diagrams and drawings
    Operates and troubleshoots aircraft communications and navigation system and components.

        Holder of an FCC, EASA or ICAO type II license or previous avionics repairman authorization with a reputable organization.
        GACA or FAA recognized License in Avionics with Type certification
        Training should be current in accordance with ALPHASTAR Quality procedures.
        Pass employment medical exams.
        Ability to read and understand all standard aircraft technical manuals.
        Able to communicate to an advanced level in written Technical English.

Total Experience:
    Minimum (5) years experience as Line Maintenance Technician.
    Minimum (2) year experience in type similar to   Fleet of aircraft

Aircraft Avionics Engineer

Job Description
1. Provides technical support and engineering disposition in order to resolve all aircraft Avionics problems.
2. Reviews and actions Aircraft Avionics related Airworthiness Directives (ADs), Service Bulletins (SBs) and similar documents so as to ensure compliance with applicable GACA & FAA regulations.
3. Generate Engineering Orders with supporting documents, drawings and manual revisions to accomplish changes to aircraft Avionics as required.
4. Generate the required Engineering Authorization and Engineering Repairs to support the operation.
5. Acts as a technical liaison with aircraft system component manufacturers, vendors and overhaul agencies regarding the overhaul, repair and modification of systems as required.

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