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Aircraft Mechanic vacancy at SUPERAIR in Australia

Thursday , Posted by AME at 7:54 AM

Aircraft Mechanic Jobs

Position Maintenance / Aircraft Mechanic/Sheet Metal
Company:     SUPERAIR
Address:     Armidale Airport
Web Address:
Company Info:     Superair owns its own fleet of turbine PT-6, Garrett and piston engine aircraft and provides aircraft maintenance to other general aviation aircraft. We are a small operation based in Armidale, NSW and Australia. Staff of 10 in workshop. Service range from general maintenance, rebuilds, painting, sheet metal repairs, modifications. Armidale is a city in NSW, Australia with a population of around 26,000 people. We have great education facilities including a university and several private schools.
Supported Manufacturers:     Pacific Aerospace, Cessna, Beech, Piper,Dehavilland.
Job Title:     Aircraft Mechanic/Sheet Metal
Location:     ARMIDALE, AUSTRALIA International International
Job Desc:
SUPERAIR is currently looking for an Aircraft Mechanic.  We would also be interested in sheet metal workers as well.

    Candidates will be responsible for performing scheduled/unscheduled maintenance, rebuilding and repair
    Perform major and minor modifications under supervised direction
    All work must be of aircraft quality
    Other duties as assigned

    General aviation experience
    Airframe and power plant license
    Experienced in using hand tools, gauges and testing equipment


Please send application and resume to
Travel:     Limited
Job Ident #:     Aircraft Mechanic-JSfirm
Benefits:     Salary negotiable with experience. 4 weeks payed holidays with 17.5% loading. 2 weeks sickness benefits, 9% company superannuation benifits. Assistance with relocation expenses will be made available. Time in Leiu system on place.

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