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Sunday , Posted by AME at 9:41 AM

Technical Publication Supervisor
Alpha Star Aviation Services
Salary details     USD
Location     Saudi Arabia
Job type     Full time
Company     Alpha Star Aviation Services
Contact     Recruitment Dept.
Job categories     Aero Engineer, Quality/Safety, Technical Authors
Posted     14/09/2011
Expires     12/10/2011
Job Description
Alpha Star Aviation Services is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and it is a VVIP total private Aircraft Management solutions include on-demand flight services, and turnkey aircraft management. Additionally, Alpha Star Aviation Services Management can tailor a custom aviation solution to meet client's unique private air travel requirements, in addition to our responsibility for operations.  Alpha Star Aviation Services has it is own technical and maintenance services to private, commercial and specialized aviation market,  as well as to provide logistic support including purchase, storage of spare parts to support the needs of our clients.

TP Supervisor is responsible on maintaining all Technical Manuals / Documents in compliance with manufacture standard and the concern regulatory authority requirement.

Duties & Responsibilities:
    Ensures that the ALPHA STAR Technical Library is accessible during the normal business hours and during any special shift hours as directed by the Quality Director.
    Receives, documents, organizes and files all Technical Data material assigned to the ALPHA STAR   Technical Library such as, but not limited to, AMM, IPC, SRM, OHM, SOPM, CPM, CMM, MEL, QRHB, FCOM, OIT, OEB, FOT, SIL, AOT Wiring Diagram, Illustrated Tools & Equipment List    (ITEL), Flight Manuals, Weight and Balance Manuals, Product Standards, Material Standards, Process Standards, Engineering Drawings, EOC's and supporting data, EAD's and supporting data,  Supplement Manuals, Service Bulletins, Service Letters, Airworthiness Directives, Technical Indexes, and other material specified by the ALPHA STAR Technical Library Section.
    Ensures that the data received above is current, controlled, and logged, when received, in the          ALPHA STAR Technical Library's inventory system.
    Updating ALPHA STAR Flight Operation department manuals and maps.
    Follows the established filing system and organization system in organizing and filing all of the data assigned to the ALPHA STAR Technical Library. This includes electronic and hard copy filing system to facilitate retrieval of data expeditiously and accurately.
    Familiar with XML applications for AIRBUS digital manuals.
    Able to establish & affective the technical library to digital system.
    Able to communicate with vendors and OEM as required. 
    Ensures that all of the Technical Data in the ALPHA STAR Technical Library is current / updated as required by the Regulatory, Departmental, and FAA/GACA RSQM & GOM requirements.
    Ensures that all outdated/uncontrolled documents are labelled as "Uncontrolled".
    Order Technical Publications Service materials and maintain records for the Quotations,
    Details on the invoices. Co-ordinates with Finance for Publication related invoices.
    Conducts daily inventory of all materials checked out from the ALPHA STAR Technical Library and determines shortages and personnel holding any document.
    Follows up with personnel to retrieve all checked out technical material within the allowed time frame.
    Conducts quarterly inspection of all manuals assigned to manual holders to ensure manuals' currency.
    This is done by developing a summary list of manuals with corresponding revision status and counterchecking against the actual manuals available in the designated locations.
    Follows departmental policy and procedures as set in the manual and as directed by the Quality Director.
    Performs other duties as required by Quality Director.

    Preferably holder of FAA/EASA or ICAO Type II license in any trade.
    Formal aviation training or recognized apprenticeship.
    Ability to read and reliably interpret all aircraft technical manuals.
    Highly motivated individual with good organized approach to challenges.
    Speak, read and write fluent English.
    Computer literate. Familiarity with MS office/ MS project as a minimum.

Total Experience:
Minimum 7 years experience in Aviation Industry, of which 5 years must be in Technical Publication Library.

For more information visit : Alpha Star Aviation Services

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