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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Resume sample

Tuesday , Posted by AME at 6:36 AM

Below are the sample resume for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering / Aircraft Technician

1224 Archer Road
Gainesville, Fl 32607
Cell: 452- 555 – 1987
Summary of Objectives:To gain a challenging and responsible position as an aircraft maintenance engineer in an established organization where my professional experience will have valuable application towards proper maintenance of aviation systems.

Core Competencies:
    In-depth knowledge of aircraft components and maintenance procedures
    Comprehensive knowledge of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, mechanical surface controls and heating and cooling systems
    In-depth knowledge of the theory, application and operation of aircraft
    Familiar with the Federal Aviation Administration rules and regulations
    Excellent analytical, managerial, communication, and problem solving skills
    Ability to work in group and perform multiple tasks simultaneously

Professional Experience:
Organization: Boeing Aviation, Florida
Duration: June 2005 till date
Designation: Maintenance Engineer-Aircraft

    Inspect, test, repair and install aircraft hydro mechanical and flight system components and aircraft engines, subassemblies and its components
    Responsible for repairing, troubleshooting, inspecting and upgrading aircrafts
    Perform preventative maintenance by inspecting aircraft engines, instruments, landing gear, pressurized sections, brakes and other parts of the aircraft
    Handle responsibilities of pre-flight engine evaluations as well as maintain engine accessories and auxiliary motors
    Responsible for testing engine operation by using testing equipment like ignition analyzer, distributor timer, compression checker and ammeter to locate source of malfunction
    Perform all other maintenance work as required

Organization: Fisher Aviation Services, Florida
Duration: April 2001 to May 2004
Designation: Maintenance Engineer- Aircraft

    Responsible for the technical and mechanical maintenance Aircraft System and associated ground support equipment
    Plan, coordinate, direct, and perform engineering assignments involving specifications for, and design changes to aircraft, engines, systems, and components
    Handle the tasks of analyzing and evaluating aircraft and associated equipment proposals
    Responsible for preparing technical data, procedures, drawings, reports, manuals, and other required publications
    Evaluate operating data on components, parts and systems to establish causes and determine remedies for wear, malfunctions, or premature removals
    Investigate and analyze project requirements and operating problems as well as develop solutions to meet safety guidelines

Educational Summary:
Achieved Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering
- University of Florida in the year 2000

Personal Information:
Name: Martin HOLLOWAY
Date of Birth: 23.05.1974
Employment Status: Full time
Relationship status: Married

Will be furnished upon request

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