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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (LAME) Career in Australia

Tuesday , Posted by AME at 12:00 PM

How to become a LAME in Australia

Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in Australia 
You must be at least 21 years of age, have at least 4 years experience in maintenance of aircraft or aircraft component maintenance. You must also have at least 2 years experience in the use of class license. One is classified as a body (AF), engine (English) or electrical, instrument and radio (EI & R).

The best place to gain experience through employment with the airline, defense, or general aviation.
You should also know how to read, write and understand English language, English is recognized worldwide as the standard language of aviation, there is no disability that may affect your ability to perform his duties.

You must complete a CASA endorsed training course on the aircraft type that the licence is for. (eg. Boeing 747, Cessna 120, and Bell 47). This is commonly known as aircraft type training.

Prior to completion of training aircraft type you should have all the basic requirements of knowledge for the license rating. Basic knowledge related to things such as aircraft systems, structures and theory of flight.
Basic knowledge is proved by either passing all of the appropriate CASA core and specific group examinations (known as the Basic), or completion of formal training in a recognized institution (according to CASA AME licensing section).
You must also have completed the Basic Airworthiness Authority examination (AA) within 24 months of the license is issued.

You must demonstrate practical experience to the CASA aircraft type that the license is requested on. This practical experience may be in the form of "Schedule Experience" (SOE), which is a log of tasks performed on aircraft and signed by LAME, which are certified for the task, or at the end of Log Industrial Experience and achievement in other work that is related to the rating sought .

Once these conditions have been met you can apply for CASA, CASA, and if CASA are satisfied with your knowledge and experience they should issue you with an AME Licence.

Detailed information Engineer Career Guide found on the CASA website
The sources of information on this subject were sourced from:
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Available from the CASA website

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