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British Airways Careers: Mixed Fleet Cabin Crew Japanese Language Speakers

Monday , Posted by AME at 6:47 AM

Aviation Jobs:
Mixed Fleet Cabin Crew Japanese Language Speakers
British Airways

Location     London, London Heathrow Airport
Job type     Full time
Company     British Airways
Contact     Recruitment Website
Job categories     Cabin Crew
Expires     23/09/2011
Job Description
Take your career further with the language you love
Connect with Japan
British Airways' list of destinations is constantly growing, with one of our latest routes going direct to Haneda, Japan. That's why we're looking for Japanese language speaking cabin crew to strengthen the loyalty of our newest customers, and contribute to our world-class service with knowledge and passion.

If you're a Japanese language speaker, then you'll have the opportunity to shine, providing world-class service to a diverse range of customers.

Take control of your career and your outstanding performance will be recognised and rewarded, and in addition this opportunity will enrich your life on a personal level. We'll encourage you to take on extra responsibilities so that you can build on your customer service experience and develop your skills.

You'll regularly fly into the heart of Tokyo and along with this, you'll also get the chance to fly to the other desirable destinations on our Mixed Fleet network.


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