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iPhone users to Fly unmanned Aircraft

Friday , Posted by AME at 10:23 PM

Smart phones fly mini drones

An iPhone doesn’t look all that threatening at first glance. But connect it to a military drone, and all of a sudden that could be one dangerous little smartphone.

Researchers from Boeing and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed an app that allows iPhone users to fly unmanned aircraft using fairly simple finger movements. According to the group’s website, the technology could soon be used to allow military officials to remotely control UAVs in combat and intelligence-gathering missions.

Smartphones have been used to fly drones before, but never from such remote distances. In the video demonstration below, Boeing engineer George Windsor sends the unmanned contraption buzzing around the MIT baseball field in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Windsor, meanwhile, is sitting in a Boeing building in Seattle, Washington—some 3,000 miles away.


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