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UAV Jobs: UAV Accident Investigator

Thursday , Posted by AME at 2:52 AM

Job Detail : UAV Accident Investigator
COMPANY:     Insitu, Inc.     DATE:     Aug 22, 2011
POSITION:     UAV Accident Investigator
DESCRIPTION:     Job ID:2011-1723

Insitu is a leading high-tech autonomous systems
company driven by a culture of agility and systematic
improvement . Since 1994 Insitu has led in the design,
development and production of small autonomous aircraft
for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). We currently
produce and sell an ever growing fleet of Unmanned
Aircraft Systems that are low-cost, long-endurance, and
have low personnel requirements. These UASs provide a
no-runway launch, unprecedented stabilized day and night
video for ISR, robotic flight control, and a no-nets capture.

As we continue our rapid growth in the UAS/UAV market
we are looking for experienced talent to help us achieve
our goal of maintaining the agile and innovative problem-
solving capabilities in all the products we offer.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:
The UAV Accident Investigator (UAI) reports to the Aviation
Safety Officer within the Deployed Operations Department
of Insitu, Inc.  The UAI interviews witnesses, UAS
operators and maintenance personnel, examines UAV
parts, telemetry, control systems and maintenance
records, and studies human performance issues. 
Information collected aids in the determination of mishap
root cause.  A successful UAI in the Safety and
Standardization Branch will be capable of operating in a
dynamic environment with the end goals of mishap
prevention and the highest possible level of safety in an
austere and hazardous operating environment.

Supports a safety and air vehicle mishap prevention
program to include recommendations toward an effective
post-mishap accident investigation.

Performs investigations in forward deployed regions, in
person if required, and employs effective data and
evidence collection methods IAW standard investigative
practices and contractual requirements.

Maintains of chain-of-custody and evidence/data collection
to ensure that the confidentiality and accuracy of the
investigative process is maintained.

Liaisons with field-level (FSR) resources designated to
perform on-site investigative efforts when necessary.

Ensures proper protocols and procedures are employed
when obtaining accident witness statements.

Works closely with cross-functional subject matter experts
and other departments as necessary.

Makes recommendations to facilitate appropriate
corrective/preventative action measures.

BA/BS preferred (preferably in engineering or physical
sciences. Major/minor in Aviation Safety a plus).

Preference for Naval Aviation Safety Officer School, service
equivalent, or show college focus in Aviation Safety.
Telephone:     No phone calls
Fax:     N/A
Email:     Electronic applications are not accepted.
Mailing Address: 
Insitu, Inc.
118 East Columbia River Way
Bingen, Washington 98605


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