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Flight Training and Aviation Maintenance Scholarships - Teens-In-Flight

Saturday , Posted by AME at 1:29 AM

Aviation Scholarships
New board members join Teens in Flight
Teens-in-Flight Mission Statement:

Through the modem of aerospace education Teens in Flight open the doors of new opportunities. Teens-In-Flight provides training of pilots and aviation maintenance scholarships to those teens who have lost a parent or sibling in the Global War On Terrorism or, is the teen or sibling of a parent who was wounded in action and is disabled.

Teens-In-Flight has added Flagler County Sheriff Don Fleming, Flagler County School Board member Colleen Conklin and retired Navy Seal James Nicola to the Teens-In-Flight board of directors.

Teens-In-Flight is accepting applications for their flight training and aviation maintenance scholarships. Eligible teenagers are those who have lost a parent in the Global War on Terrorism, have a parent who was wounded in action and is disabled, or teens who are considered "at risk" within the community.

Further eligibility requirements and applications are available online at Applications can be mailed to Teens-In-Flight, 23 Felwood Lane, Palm Coast, Florida, 32137, or dropped off at the open house at 6 p.m. Wednesday in Hangar B of the Flagler County Airport.

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