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Aircraft Maintnance Engineer sucked into plane engine ..

Monday , Posted by AME at 10:36 PM

Aircraft engineer sucked into plane engine !

Colleagues found the Aircraft Engineer, dead when they arrived for work on Monday morning.
They called emergency services, who battled unsuccessfully to revive him.

One source said the engineer had entered a testing enclosure while the engine was running.

The man's employers, Safe Air, an engineering subsidiary of the national carrier Air New Zealand, said he died while carrying out routine maintenance.

Safe Air does maintenance and repair work on civilian planes and on military aircraft for the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Rob Fyfe, chief executive of Air New Zealand, flew to the scene after being briefed about the disaster.

Inspector Steve Caldwell, area commander of the Marlborough police district, said: "Police are investigating this death on behalf of the coroner, who will determine the cause of the death in due course."

Source: The Telegraph.

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