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Aeronautical Engineers make Films

Tuesday , Posted by AME at 5:51 AM

Engineers make Films - The Invisible Fish

A bunch of engineers, who have passed out of the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, have a hobby that has nothing to do with aeronautics. They make films. In fact, the alumni has made 30 films in the last five years. Pondfreaks Entertainment, as the group calls itself, has directors, actors, a screenplay writer, editors and a graphic designer. Lately, the group has been making waves on the Internet with its 20-minute short film The Invisible Fish.

Some kids who loved films started the club. Their first film was a 20-minute thriller called Highway, which was terrible. Karthik, one of the team members, says candidly, “We got very bad comments from friends and anyone who saw it. The quality of the video camera was really bad, the editing was not well done and it was miscast.” But a film or two later, they made one more thriller Alive. It went on to win awards at a college film festival and since then, there has been no looking back. They experimented with themes of horror, friendship, love, Naxalism, gang feuds, cops, illusion and many more. They’ve shot in Goa, Coastal India, Hyderabad and even their homes.

While the learning process was gradual, books and watching films helped the most. They watched the top 250 movies of the IMBD list. Ajay, the member who handles visual effects and graphics on the team, says, “Thankfully, our faculty and parents were very supportive and encouraging. They gifted us books which became a tool of learning.”

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