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What is the Best Beginner RC Helicopter?

Thursday , Posted by AME at 9:41 AM

Most loaded RC Helicopter question of all time

Factors to be considered before buying RC Helicopter:

How much is your budget for your first rc helicopter?
How much  is in your budget for future rc helicopters?
How good your hand / eye coordination?
How old are you? (Although they are people who are 50 + learning remote control helicopters, under normal circumstances, the younger you are you can learn faster and better eyesight and hand / eye coordination)
How good your vision?

Some above factors are more important than other areas, such as budget, and available flying area

They are three kind of Beginner RC Helicopters to choose:
4 Channel Coaxial(Coax) -> 4 channel Fixed Pitch(FP) -> 6 Channel Collective Pitch(CP)

The left is generally the cheapest type to buy, and on the right is the most expensive type to buy. In recent years (even months). Between the coaxial cable and the FP sector stability has become smaller. FP helis like Walkera CB180 and Xheli of Madhawk300 line shows the stability of the charactoristics comparable Coaxials.
Do you have a large indoor area to fly it?
Do you have local resources, may be able to help you? (Friends, flying club, the local hobby shop [and know what they're doing]) 
Availability of rc helicopter parts in your locale?
Former RC aircraft experience?

Helicopters stability are subject to influences in the wind. Here is a breakdown of how they are used:
  1. Coaxial (indoor only or zero conditions Wind)
  2. Fixed-pitch (room, garage, carport, wind-protected back yard is usually <5mph winds)
  3. Collective pitch (in the open air, large backyard, basketball court, open parking, etc. Usually, <10mph winds *)

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