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GE joins Virgin Australia into the development of Biofuels

Tuesday , Posted by AME at 11:39 AM

GE entered into the development of biofuels

GE has joined Virgin Australia and a consortium of partners for research and commercial development of biofuels for the aviation industry.

The consortium will focus on pyrolytic conversion of biomass from mallee eucalypt trees and intend to have a pilot biofuel production unit operating in Australia by next year.

The consortium includes Renewable Oil Corp, the Future Farm Industries CRC, and Canadian biofuels company Dynamotive Energy Systems alongside Virgin Australia and now GE.

GE is developing fuel efficient jet engines within its sustainable transport portfolio, as part of its ecomagination initiative.

In addition, the company is now entered into the development of biofuels, GE said.

Before being approved for commercial use, new fuels are rigorous tests in laboratories, engine test stands, and then to be carefully monitored for non-commercial flights.

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