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World Paper Plane Championship - Red Bull Paper Wings

Thursday , Posted by AME at 9:29 AM

The Red Bull Paper Wings 2012 World Championship Austria
World Wide Paper Plane Contest.
Create Paper Plane Online

Do you want to take off too?
Do you think you’ve know the best way to fold a paper airplane?
Or do you have the right arm strength for the long distance or longest airtime flights?
Or do you have an excessive amount of creativity that you want to pour into acrobatics?

 If you do, then build your Paper Plane and join the race. RedBull Paper Wings is an International Paper Plane flying contest. All over the world, people compete their paper planes against each other. In this paper plane game, you can create a plane online.

The aim of the game is to create a paper plane and launch it and enlist Facebook & Twitter followers to help it keep flying. If you make it, you'll be in with a chance to win on of their RedBull great prizes.

There are three categories for the finals – 
Longest Airtime, Longest Distance and Aerobatics.
All it takes is a piece of paper. It’s of secondary importance what form the ordinary piece of paper (80g/m2) takes when it takes off from the hand. All forms of assistance or devices

Who Knows, You Could be the Next Paper Plane Champion!
Salzburg (Austria) is where the RedBull Paper Plane Wings World final is hosted, all qualifiers compete eachother in Hanger. (Mai 2012, Hangar-7, Salzburg, Austria)
Check out the RedBull Paper Plane Wings event at

Already i'm into the contest of Red Bull Paper Wings 2012 World Championship and wish all readers of AME blog to participate in the competition.

Just because you're not a pilot does not mean you cannot take flight with Red Bull Paper Wings.
Check out the video votings of the national winners in aerobatics and cast a vote for your favorite Aerobatics pilot soon.

But a word of warning: The goal is to fly, not to land.

Happy Paper Plane Flying !

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