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Work as Aviation Mechanic on Cessna/Falcon/Lear/Hawker

Thursday , Posted by AME at 7:15 AM

Cessna/Falcon/Lear/Hawker Aircraft Mechanic II, III – CAE
Job ID: 48571  Job Views: 1104
Location: Columbia, South Carolina, United States Zip Code: 29170
Job Category: Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Employment Type: Full time

Job Description
This hourly, non-exempt position requires varying degrees of knowledge of Cessna, Falcon, Lear and Hawker aircraft and related systems. The job includes varying amounts of parts replacement or repair, electrical troubleshooting, hydraulic and pneumatic system work, inspection of aircraft or systems and general mechanical applications. Job duties vary each day and are designated by the Team Leader in charge of the project. Will have direct customer contact. May be required to work independently or lead small projects.
Perform general mechanical functions on aircraft and related systems. This shall include, but not be limited to items such as:
Removal and installation of panels and components, repair work and sheet metal repair or installation.
Troubleshooting and evaluation of systems on the aircraft when designated.
Inspection and evaluation of the aircraft and components when designated.
Aircraft movement, assistance in performance runs and taxiing when required.
Maintenance and repair of shop facility, equipment and tooling when required.
Work independently on projects when required.
Any other job-related duties as assigned by supervisor or management.

Job Requirements

High school diploma or equivalent.
Airframe and Powerplant License.
Aircraft specific factory training preferred.

Airframe and Powerplant license required.
1-5+ years prior experience on aircraft maintenance required.
Turbine aircraft experience preferred.

Self-motivated and able to maintain a rapid pace.
Able to process work with minimum supervision.

Must perform all work in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration guidelines.
Follow all company and safety rules during performance of duties.
Maintain customer oriented work habits.

Other technicians in turbine service or other departments.
Team Leader of team assigned, Director of Maintenance.
Company sales representatives.
Customers or outside vendors.

Physical Requirements
Able to lift at least 50 lbs.
Routine walking, bending and squatting or sitting.
Routing or repetitive physical motion with arms and hands.

Mental Requirements
Understanding and implementation of regulations and guidelines.
Ability to troubleshoot or evaluate system operation.
Ability to work with others in a professional manner.

Will work under supervision of assigned Team Leader and Director of Maintenance.
May be directed to supervise other technicians in some capacity.
Work with minimal supervision when required.

Working Conditions
The majority of work will be accomplished in a heated hangar.
Work outside during aircraft runs will occur.
Varied positions in and around the aircraft.

Equipment Used
Personal hand tools supplied by the mechanic.
Pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical equipment.
Jacks, stands, lifts and other support devices.
Tugs, power carts and other engine powered equipment.

Company Info
West Star Aviation
18 Terminal Drive
Alton, Illinois (United States)
Phone: (618) 259-0765

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