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Avionics Technician Jobs: Avionics Instrument Technician - PBI

Thursday , Posted by AME at 7:05 AM

Aviation Jobs
Avionics Instrument Technician - PBI
Job ID: 48577
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Job Category: Avionics
Employment Type: Full time

Job Description

Works in conjunction with or independent of the Crew Leader, this position is responsible for maintaining and installing electronic (avionics) systems, and maintaining electronic (avionics) system components and parts within Company and Division policies and procedures and F.A.A. and F.C.C. requirements.  Keeps the Crew Leader advised of any deviation to schedule or material problems.

1.   Ability to trouble-shoot aircraft instrumentation (auto-pilot instrument systems, pitot/static instrument systems, etc.)
2.   Understanding of and proficiency on Falcon EPIC/EASY Systems
3.   Inspection capabilities (delegated, RII etc.).
4.   Ability to interface A/C systems with laptop
5.   Operates Dayton-Granger P-Static test set and interprets results.
6.   Makes minor metal repairs such as extracting bad screws, replacing racks, etc.
7.   Swings and compensates aircraft compass systems.
8.   Uses and interprets aircraft performance charts and flight computers.
9.    Ability to perform FAR 91.411 and 91.413 along with RVSM requirements
10.   Installs and checks out major avionics systems.
11.   Retrieves and initiates changes on wiring prints from computer.
12.   Performs all work to F.A.A. and DFJ-WC standards.
13.   Works in a safe manner in accordance with OSHA and Company safety procedures advising   the Crew Leader immediately of any unsafe or hazardous equipment or working facility.
14.   Maintains a clean working area.
15.   Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements
 1.  High school graduate or equivalent required.
2.   Graduate of two (2) year electronics/avionics technical school or equivalent military experience required.
3.   Minimum of two (2) years experience in electronics/avionics repair preferred.
4.   Must hold either a FCC, A&P or Repairman certification
5.   Supplies own tools required to perform job.  (See approved minimum tool list).
6.   Must be able to effectively communicate with customers.

Company Info
Dassault Aircraft Services
191 N. DuPont Highway
New Castle, Delaware (United States)
Phone: 302.322.7500

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