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Intel CORE i5 Ultrabooks Intelligently minimize the risk of theft or loss

Wednesday , Posted by AME at 8:33 AM

What is an Ultrabook?
Ultrabooks are a new mainstream line of mobile computers that are extraordinarily responsive, stylish, and thin devices. They deliver ultra-fast start-up with instant resume and the processingperformance of much larger PCs, yet in an extremely portable design.

 Introducing Intel CORE i5 Ultrabooks

Intel-Powered Notebook: Ultra Responsive. Ultra Stylish. Ultrabook.
Minimize the risk of Ultrabook theft or loss
Help protect your identity online
From off to on in a flash
Access your favorites fast
Always up-to-date automatically

Intel Ultrabook Features:

Ultra-Responsive Enjoy a super-fast computing experience thanks to Instant On and Instant Connect eliminating time wasted shutting down, restarting and reconnecting to the internet so you spend more time doing what you want - instantly.

Ultra-Slim Design Weighing in at just under 3 lbs and measuring only 0.5" thin, the ultrabook is stunningly attractive with a pure, uncluttered design.

Ultra-Smart Performance The energy-efficient 2nd generation Intel Core processors deliver extra performance when you need it, along with sharp, rich visuals built-in for enhanced multimedia enjoyment.

NOTE: No system can provide absolute security under all conditions. Intel assumes no liability for lost or stolen systems or any other damages resulting thereof.

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