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Private Airlines Cheap Flights

Tuesday , Posted by AME at 5:27 AM

 Private airlines in India have often complained that they are forced to operate unviable routes by the government. Some have even demanded subsidies to maintain connectivity.

Their wish may be one step closer to reality. A Bloomberg report on Monday said the Union civil aviation ministry has mooted a Rs.100 crore fund to help airlines for this purpose.

Seen dispassionately, there is no reason why private individuals— airlines and flyers— should be subsidized in any manner. There may be some logic in trying to maintain connectivity between remote parts of the country and better- connected transport hubs. But surely there can be other ways to do that, instead of giving in to the demand of private airlines. Another problem in such schemes is that when implemented, they always lead to runaway financial expenditures that seldom benefit those for whom it is meant in the first place.

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