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Amozon Best RC Gyro Helicopter comes with best Heli Technology

Tuesday , Posted by AME at 10:06 PM

Mini S107 RTF RC Helicopter is world's super easy to fly and maneuver RC Helicopter!

Syma model no.107 R/C mini helicopter has greatest technology in RC models in its class (A Gyro). This Model RC helicopter is easy to fly with very minimal crushes thus no more replacing of parts. and great maneuverability. Coaxial rotor a single rear rotor and a gyro increases stability for flying or hovering.

Skill Set - All levels (14 years and up) this model RC gyro helicopter can be charged directly either from the USB cable or from the controller (AA batteries)

All these features makes this helicopter an instant best seller in the RC helicopter category.

S107 RTF RC Helicopter Review: You can fly this little guy in a small apartment or a small room and you will have fun doing so. It's great for offices since it's not too loud and again easy to maneuver.

Maintenance and Tips

After charging don't touch the right control yoke.

Hold the throttle yoke in your left hand and the small trim adjuster knob in the right.

Slowly move the left yoke forward to increase throttle until the helicopter barely leaves the ground. Watch for left or right rotation and turn the trim knob to make the helicopter hover without rotating. Once it hovers without turning by using only the throttle, you're ready to fly.

Hope you enjoy it!

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