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Aerospace Engineer Resume Example

Saturday , Posted by AME at 8:07 AM

Navy Aerospace Engineer Example

 What is the role of Naval Aerospace Engineer?
A Navy Aerospace Engineer is a Technical person who repairs Aircraft Systems and performs designs building of Aircraft Systems and even responsible to carry maintenance of aircraft systems to improve the existing system. Navy Engineer must have a sound knowledge of Aeronautic Technologies and Aero standard guidelines.

The Navy Aerospace Engineer resume should list the skills and work experience required for the opening
  • Should be well-written and informative
  • Summarize the credentials, professional experience, and educational qualification
  • Demonstrate how the specific skills and work experience will match the requirement
Navy Aerospace Engineer Resume Example

David Thomson
230 East University Way, Ellensburg, Washington
Contact Details: 123-777-1313

Career Objective:

Well versed in aircraft manufacturing process with hands on experience in designing and maintaining aircraft systems. Seeking a responsible position as a navy aerospace engineer with a view to utilize my professional skills and experience

Summary of Skills:

    Comprehensive knowledge of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, material properties, and heat transfer systems
    Extensive knowledge of aerodynamics, control systems, and automated Instrumentation Landing Systems
    In-depth knowledge of air compression, gas turbine engines, avionics systems, and aircraft flaps
    Skilled in the installation procedures of aircraft instruments, equipment, and component parts
    Possess sound analytical, troubleshooting, and communication skills

Summary of Qualifications:

Achieved Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering
University of Washington in the Year 2008

Professional History:

US Navy Force, Washington
June 2010 till date
Navy Aerospace Engineer

    Handle responsibilities of implementing and evaluating the functions of aerospace systems especially for naval applications
    Perform the tasks of providing technical insight in designing and maintaining aerospace systems
    Responsible for developing conceptual plans for project implementation by applying the fundamentals of aerospace engineering
    Perform responsibilities of designing and modifying aircraft systems by following standard procedures
    Handle the tasks of testing missile prototypes as well as perform analysis of aircraft wind tunnel
    Responsible for updating knowledge of latest spacecraft and aircraft design techniques and perform monitoring of aircraft production

US Navy Force, Washington
April 2008 to May 2008
Junior Navy Aerospace Engineer

    Assigned the tasks of assisting senior aerospace engineer in developing aircraft control systems
    Performed responsibilities of developing designing concepts of sensors and airborne mission systems
    Handled the tasks of assisting aerospace engineer in conducting research on deep-diving vessels
    Assigned responsibilities of identifying issues in engine performance to ensure safe operation of aircraft systems
    Provided effective support in complete phases of integrating component parts to complete aircraft systems
    Handled other job responsibilities under the guidelines and instructions of operation and maintenance staff

The above Aerospace Engineer Resume example will help you the idea of preparing a well structured resume guide, you to bring your professional skills and work experience in the best way.

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