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Fear of Flying self-help book - Dragons of Thin Air

Saturday , Posted by AME at 2:19 AM

 Dragons of Thin Air – Fear of Flying book

After a long time in the making our Fear of Flying self-help book has finally been released!

It’s called Dragons of Thin Air – A Most Unusual Fear of Flying Course, a long but accurate title.

Some of the clear, illustrated explanations we put up about how planes work, etc. are exactly what people need to learn.

The book also has a story, introducing a scallywag dragon called Felix who, despite normally causing fear in humans, has decided to help a family of fearful flyers.  He takes the Walker family through a fun but somewhat unusual fear of flying course that he has just invented, covering a wide range of topics and providing insights, observations and skills that can help those afraid to fly.
We’ve built a website to go with the book, if you’d like to take a look… at you’ll find info about the book along with a bunch of links to Fear of Flying courses and resources from around the world.

If you are a nervous flyer, or know somebody who is, I recommend taking a look at Dragons of Thin Air!

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