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Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Final Phase of Flight Test

Thursday , Posted by AME at 6:49 AM

Boeing 787 enters Final Phase of Flight Testing
The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is set for its final phase of flight testing to earn certification for the aeroplane.

Function and Reliability (F&R) testing is undertaken to simulate operations for the aircraft in normal and non-normal conditions. There are also extended operations (ETOPS) tests, which validate the aircraft’s ability to divert safely, even with one engine shut down.

Scott Fancher, vice president and general manager of the 787 program, said, “We are ready for this final phase of flight testing. The team has created a solid plan for accomplishing the hours and test points required for F&R and ETOPS testing in support of delivery to our customer ANA in the August to September time period.”

Boeing are testing for Rolls-Royce and General Electric engine options for the 787, as well as testing other engine improvement packages.

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