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Aviation Jobs France - Aviation Maintenance Engineers - B1&B2

Sunday , Posted by AME at 12:56 AM

Job details Aviation Maintenance Engineers - B1&B2
Salary band     €28k - €30k
Location     France
Job type     Full time
Company     Cessna Citation European SC
Contact     Martine POMER
Job categories     Avionics/Electronics, Licensed Maintenance - Base, Licensed Maintenance - Line, Mechs,techs,elecs
Expires     05/07/2011
Aviation Maintenance Engineers B1 & B2
Performs scheduled and unscheduled repairs and maintenance on customers Citation aircraft.
Removes and/or disassembles defective parts; assembles and installs replacement parts, components and subassemblies on Citation aircraft.
Assists in the troubleshooting, inspection and diagnoses of maintenance issues involving aircraft structures, systems, engines and avionics.
Performs airframe, engine or avionics repairs and modifications per EASA requirements and Citation Service Center repair station standards.
Completes all necessary maintenance records and paperwork as required by EASA and company regulations.
Performs moderate to advanced sheet metal and composite repairs.
Reads and interprets technical manuals, drawings and blueprints to perform the required maintenance tasks.

REQUIREMENTS: Must possess EASA B1 or B2 license. Citation certifications preferred. Ability to operate hand tools, power tools and measuring instruments necessary to perform job assignments. Must be able to follow written and verbal instructions in English. Outstanding customer service abilities required.

Please e-mail your CV to Michel Timbert, General Manager, at or you may fax it to +33 1 49 92 22 01

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