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Honeywell Offers Certified Programs for Marine Engineering and Merchant Navy Professionals

Wednesday , Posted by AME at 8:13 PM

Announcing Certified Courses in Industrial Automation and Control Engineering from Honeywell.
 DCS Training Program
This four-week training course focuses on Distributed Control System and applications in the process industry.It is designed for final year degree students, new engineering graduates and working individuals who want to enhance their career opportunities and upgrade their knowledge in the field.

Conducted by the renowned JRD TATA Automation Training Centre of Honeywell in Pune, this course will introduce the latest industry trends, and provide knowledge and tools relevant to the control and automation industry.

Increase your market value by equipping yourself with the skills required by prospective employers. Get valuable exposure yourself with the skills required by prospective employers. Valuable exposure to the industrial environment with one week of in-plant training. Placement may be considered at HAIL based on individual performance and available requirement.
DCS, PLC and SCADA Course:
11th July to 5th August 2011
1st August to 26th August 2011
5th Sep to 30th Sep 2011

Marine Engineering Training Program
Honeywell also offers a similar program on control systems for ships, designed for Marine Engineering students and Merchant Navy Professionals.
Marine and Merchant Navy Course Duration: 4th July to 29th July 2011

-  more information email or call +91 20 66780367/54

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