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Best xbox Flight Game: Ace Combat 6

Saturday , Posted by AME at 6:20 AM

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation (Xbox 360)
The landscapes are absolutely stunning.

Ace Combat 6 takes place in a fictional world, although aside from geography and nomenclature, it might as well be our own. The Emmerian good guys seemingly represent the Western world, complete with green-lawned suburban homes, whereas the enemy hails from USSR-inspired Estovakia (a comparison that is cemented in every time you hear an Emmerian refer to the residents at "Stovies").

 If you're a veteran and really want to feel like a top gun, you can grab the $150 package that includes flight sticks. The sticks work just fine and give you that great in-the-cockpit feel. But if you don't have the cash or are simply cautious about using a yoke and a joystick, don't worry: Your controller will get the job done serviceably.

Each mission features multiple operations, so expect things to get a little chaotic.

The missions themselves are quite exciting, though you may not get this impression from the first 5 or 6 of them, because the difficulty level slowly rises for the first few hours. In fact, until you reach the later stages of the game, crashing is your most serious threat.

Pros: great graphics (when not too close to the ground), intense gameplay

Cons: this may just be me, but the people in the narratives lips dont go with their words and that annoys me! ha

Summary: this is a really good game!! i loved it and have beaten it twice!! the first mission was really fun and fast paced!! although the 3-5 missions can kinda be moring and the desert canyon mission was a little tedious for me! ha but over all the game has ups and downs, and you really get into the game!! i know a couple of times i was really angry that i died!! ha but i thought, hum! this is a game why am i yelling at the tv?! ha lol but yes i would deffinatly recommend this game to anyone who loves fast paced adrinaly rushing games!!!

Pros: Online play, great controls and graphics, dynamic solo gameplay

Cons: Still missing AC5 great features, stock, predictable storyline.

Overall it's an excellent game and if you are an Ace Combat fan, it's a must have. If you have never played any of the games in the series but would like to, this is a good time to get into it, although I recommend you play Ace Combat 5 a few times first.

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